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The misfits will jump ahead in time kinda · 6:46am Sep 22nd, 2015

With the publishing of Equestria Legends Onlines sequel, me and grey started sniffing about to make up idea for the misfits after the freeing from ELOand we kinda aren't doing that but are at the same time... It will have them but it will not be from dear old Cassius's Perspective most of the time:eeyup:

March 15, 2020

"Come on Forest, it's your birthday," the icy blue unicorn groaned as he plopped down on his haunches, blowing a bit of his white mane out of face as he did so, "you literally never leave town man!"

"So what Subzero?" I huffed in annoyance, rolling my eyes as I did so, "besides we could just go to a restaurant or a cafè and buy a cake." Him and Shadowfax were ways pestering the shit out of me to go out of town and kill monsters with them.

"You're only level fifteen," Shadowfax, said flatly, his black coat almost blending in with his chair, "We're not asking you to come out with us. We're making you come with us."

See someone new:pinkiegasp:

And will tell a story with only... Minimal spoilers to my ideas for misfits:twilightblush:

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My Muse is slowly coming back to work on it.


Quick! Before it fades

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