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Feeling MUCH better, 'cause of Fluttershy! · 7:53pm Sep 21st, 2015

Yes, a new episode leaked a month and a half in advance. Yes, I saw it. And yes, it was a Fluttershy episode.


We all know how much Fluttershy hates Nightmare Night, right? Well, while going out for food for her piece of shit pet, Angel (and getting scared out of her wits), Fluttershy decides to be brave and spend Nightmare Night with her friends for the first time. They try to make her first Nightmare Night comfortable for her, but it doesn't work out. So, Twilight hypothesizes that, if Fluttershy's the one doing the scaring, then she won't get scared, and everyone can still have fun. They all go to her house, but her methods of scaring are really tame. At the end of her rope, Fluttershy offers to let them all have fun without her, as she believes she just isn't cut out for Nightmare Night. After they leave, she starts realizing that she needs to step up her game, and goes to Angel (:pinkiegasp:) for advice.

Later, at the Apple family's corn maze, the rest of the Six have fun getting scared, but things start getting weird when unexpected things start happening. They're chased by ghouls, they fall down a hole, they're chased by a monster, they get stuck in a spider web, they find their way out, and they get attacked by a vampire pony. And just when it looks like they're about to piss themselves, Fluttershy reveals that she was the orchestrator of the night's events. She reveals that her animals helped her, and she wanted to show what she could do, but felt uncomfortable making her friends think they were in peril, despite the safety. They praise her for her efforts, but are okay with her not wanting to participate in Nightmare Night--not because she's scared, but because it's just not her thing.

First thing's first: I was upset at first that they might be just rehashing the old "Fluttershy's scared, and she learns to face her fears" thing, because that's what Flutter-haters bitch about the most. But in this episode, in the first act, she consciously realizes that she needs to be strong for her friends, and tries of her own free will to improve early on. It reminded me of "Green Isn't Your Color", in that Rarity consciously realized the flaw of her jealousy, and strove to curb it. I was impressed with that, and I take my hat off to the writers for once again taking an old formula and giving it that special flair that made MLP great in the beginning. :twilightsmile:

Second, I know you're sick of hearing it from me, but once again, Rainbow Dash was a bitch. But you know what I loved? The rest of the Six subtly called her out on her bullshit repeatedly throughout the whole episode! YES! :ajsmug:

Next, Fluttershy's first attempts at scaring everyone were just SOOOOOOOOOOO CUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!! Loved it! :heart:

Overall, I am just so proud of how Fluttershy has progressed as a character. I fell in love with her charm and shyness before, but every Season 5 episode she's in gives me a new reason to love her. In fact, this episode might just rival "Hurricane Fluttershy" as my favorite ever!

To simplify my feelings on this episode: you guys have seen how badly I've been feeling the last few days. I feel sooooo much better now that I've seen this episode. I feel like I can do anything, now! And all because of Fluttershy.

Thank you, you little yellow sweetheart. Thank you.

Comments ( 38 )

good you feel better, bro :pinkiehappy:

I require a link to where I can view this supposed leaked episode.

Great summary, and i'm glad your feeling better!

Its good to have you back Lightning, as I've said to you, please PM me at all if you ever need to speak to me about anything and I'll try my damned to bring you back.


Well I'm glad you're feeling better! :twilightsmile:

But let me say this: everyone is calling Rainbow a bitch because of this leaked episode, but the thing is, she isn't saying those things to be purposely hurtful/mean. She just has no filter when it comes to speaking her thoughts; like teens and their swearing nowadays.

Check my last blog tot the episode! :raritywink:

I totally do not regret spoiling the episode for myself. :trollestia:

Nice to know you're feeling better now!

It's great to see that you're feeling better. And it's even better that you were gracious enough to put spoiler tags. :ajsmug: I would rather wait for the actual episode to release, in all honesty.

I would also like to take this moment to apologize for my bluntness on the last blog. While no one seemed to take it too negatively, I still feel that cold bluntness still warrants an apology at most in retrospect.

3409881 I understand why you said what you said. It's okay. We're good. :twilightsmile:

It's one of my favorites now too! :yay: Agree with you on everything you just said in there. And glad to see you're feeling better! :twilightsmile:

Glad to hear you're feeling better. Hmmm, come to think of it, just watch some episodes that involve Fluttershy should you feel down. :twilightsmile:

I cannot stress this enough, but I am seriously sorry I made you feel bad, and I am sorry that you had another depression moment because of my misunderstanding.

I didnt know there was a new episode leaked, how did they media got a hold of it and whats the whole story?, did hasbro made a mistake or something?

"And I just want to see you smile, smile, smile..."

Yes I know it's not a Fluttershy quote but it just feels right.

3409975 Long story short, Apple accidentally released it early on iTunes, probably because they have some kind of automated release system and didn't remember to switch this episode around due to the production order of the episodes.

3409972 It wasn't entirely your fault. I get these moments sometimes. As bad as it seemed this time, I've had worse.

I forgive you. And I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me. And thanks for the follow, too. :twilightsmile:

I'm glad they've finally gotten her right. :yay:

Glad you are feeling better. I watch the episode on Dailymotion and it was good. Thanks for the heads up.

It is amazing what this show does to ease ones psyche, I say this from personal experience too, glad you feel better mate.

Sounds like tons of fun. I'm going to wait till the proper air date (At least I hope that I'll make it that long), but I'm glad that we're getting a good flutters episode, and even gladder that you're feeling better.

Only problem... I'm guessing there's going to be Angel Bunny in this episode (Dear god no)...

3411148 Yeah, but he's not quite as bad as usual.

I didn't like how scared/paranoid Fluttershy was in the first act

Holy hell, grow a freaking spine

You were alone with your friends, for crying out loud...

and finally, Dash getting told off for being a complete bitch!

I have one word to say about it. Yay. :yay:

Glad to hear you're doing better. :pinkiesmile:

Fluttershy is one of the cures to depression. :D :heart:

The rest are the other five, depending who your fave is


Holy hell, grow a freaking spine

She has. And she did. Quite well. :ajsmug:

3414037 "Oh, but after seeing how scared I made you I realized that I'm still not ready to face Nightmare Night."


3415004 And who said she had to? It's not her thing. I can accept it. Her friends can accept it (even Rainbow Bitch). Why shouldn't we?

Because we've been through this song and dance some three times previously?

3418839 So we shouldn't accept Fluttershy being who she wants because she struggles with anxiety every day? We shouldn't accept that she has to try and improve because she knows she needs to keep trying, even though we easily forgive Pinkie Pie when she has had to learn the same "stop being an idiot" lesson some five or six times, and when Rainbow Bitch has had to learn the same "stop being a cunt" lesson consistently? We shouldn't accept that this time, Fluttershy consciously realized her faults and did her best to improve with her friends in mind, whereas Rainbow Dash refuses to realize her faults, Pinkie Pie is too stupid to realize her faults, and Applejack thinks she has no faults?

The point is: where is the line drawn for Fluttershy? Why can't we forgive her for things that much poorer characters get away with?

3419578 God forbid the characters get some permanent development, hm?
Then they'd have to come up with new plots

Ah well

Applion was cute

3420591 Yeah, I guess. I find that Season 4 backtracked their personalities and development the most. That'd be my least favorite season if not for Season 3.

And you gotta admit, seeing Fluttershy in a little black dress . . . oh, my . . . . :heart:

3421524 Oh, wow . . . :pinkiegasp: So beautiful . . . . :heart::heart::heart:

what there was a leaked episode:pinkiegasp:

3435805 Yeah, it was supposed to air on Halloween, but iTunes goofed and released it early. :twilightoops:

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