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Retired writer and graphic artist.

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    Sometimes, I make the mistake of looking at my stories here and their comment sections, and I get that old itch to make pony stuff again. I had a lot of fun doing it, after all, and I do love to entertain. I still have a lot of trouble getting any creative work done, of course. I haven't even had any real interest in it for quite a while, now. But even beyond that... well...

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Made Some Stuff · 7:12pm Sep 21st, 2015

Feel free to yell at me for drawing when I should be writing, but I made some art. Couldn't write, got an idea, drew a Sunset Shimmer wallpaper. Will go back to writing now.

Can view the full-sized image at either source below (it's a bit big for a blog post here):
On Derpibooru
On DeviantArt

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Comments ( 3 )

I like the wings made of fire more, but I also prefer she doesn't have that super saiyan hair from the short. Overall, it's badass and I really got to work on my own artwork. I've been piecing things together for a video game i want to make in the future. Now that I brought it up, I can estimate another 8 months before I work on it again.

I've tried to work on video games a few times. Never got further than making a simple text adventure written in Python. I wish you luck.

3414878 It's not so much coding it as it is creating a lore, multiplayer layout, a campaign story. It's more of an idea I want to pitch to some company, i.e. Valve or Bungie, some one who will actually use it well. Though learning to code these things would be pretty cool too.

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