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Loves a lot of things--right now really into Sunset Shimmer, and Star Wars, and anything else in between really. Also loves music, especially New Wave. I am also a professional writer.

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    A new week, a new keyboard...

    Actually, the keyboard was already bought last week. This is the keyboard that I have wanted, the Razer Black Widow Chroma Overwatch keyboard. It is a beautiful keyboard, and I am just happy to have it right now. Of course, now that I have it, my next target is the Razer Deathadder Overwatch mouse, to pair it up with it.

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    And I got a new keyboard....

    So I gave in. I said I wouldn't buy until two weeks from now, but I gave in and bought the Razer Black Widow Ultimate keyboard. Why did I buy it? I wanted to find out how other mechanical keyboards feel, for one. After using this for a few hours, I noticed that the keys are much easier to press than the ones on the Dragonwar Atomos. That is because the Atomos has keys that need 60g. of actuation

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    So I still can't get over my new keyboard...

    Maybe in a month or so I would, but for now I am loving it, more than a week after I have bought it. Why I haven't discovered mechanical keyboards earlier I'll never know. Maybe it's because they're expensive, and they are. That's one caveat for those who might be thinking they can just go out and buy one. But it would be all worth it, let me assure you. And you will feel the difference

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    Christmas is here...

    Or really, not yet. But finally uploaded the newest chapter to my fanfic, "Sunset: Vignettes." Chapter IV is probably one of the hardest ones I have written as I have to balance things. On one hand I am trying to see how Christmas could possibly be in Canterlot while on the other hand I try not to be overly religious as possible. The balance somehow doesn't come easy, but Christmas after all

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  • 260 weeks
    Been awhile....

    It has been awhile since I last posted here, so I thought of posting once again. Of course there's not much to tell, though I did finish a story already and will have it up here soon. On a personal front my job is doing quite well. Or jobs, since I took two. One is as a sports writer and the other as a forums admin though for the latter I am still in training, so to speak.

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When You Write Epic--Expect Work To Be Epic As Well · 12:36am Sep 21st, 2015

When I first tried writing fan fiction many years ago, I tried to be ambitious--I wanted an epic story that will involve many characters, a storyline that would make the X-Men storylines seem like children's story. Needless to say, it didn't go well. Although I did have a set of core characters, having just that many characters pulled in from different genres had become so complicated that the story began to get unwieldy. My vision was not just to write 10 or more chapters, but it would span several books. Such ambition, I realized, would be too daunting for someone who had not written much at all. So I abandoned it. i did finish a side story for it, which was the only thing that actually came out of it.

So if one would attempt at something epic, then expect the work to be just as epic. An epic crossover with a stellar cast looks good initially, but it will get complicated real fast as one will have to create side stories and back stories, just to explain all that number of characters. So now I try to have less grand ideas, at least as far as fanfics are concerned. They're still grand, but not as grand as having each and every imaginable character in one story.

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That's the same idea I had in my mind. Only more like an anime, like Dragon Ball Z or Saint Seiya. I think is better not to do what you said. Putting more than 10 characters in a story is bad idea if is rushed.

It will involve a lot of work--from planning out how the characters will interact, to how the story will come out. Of course a lot of explanation will have to be done, especially for those not familiar with the characters. For instance, not all FiM and EqG fans know such series as, say, Neon Genesis Evangelion or any of the Gundam series. So if one would put characters from other series, be prepared to give backgrounds. And if it's going to be a massive, stellar cast--it will take a lot of time just giving out background stories. One of the questions that will often be asked is how such and such character came to be there, what led to the event, how will their interactions be believable so as to make sense to readers. Just putting in Son Goku to smash things about Equestria wouldn't sit well; one factor I can already think of there is that Goku is one OP character. I am not sure that even with all that magic in Equestria he would be handled well, and if he is seen battling such enemies as Freeza there...

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