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I'm a writer specializing in Age Regression stories, mental and physical. I am a MLP babyfur. There is nothing sexual about it for me. Please get to know me well before judging me or my OC.

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Working on a supermassive update · 6:35pm Sep 20th, 2015

I'm really sorry for my hiatus, but I promise I'm working on the stories.

Instead of releasing one chapter soon, I'm going to take a little longer, and update multiple stories with MULTIPLE chapters, and finish up one story!

As I said before, this will take a little longer, as I want to make sure that what I produce is better than what I currently have. I seek to improve as a writer, not stay the same.

I'm also sorry to those who inbox me and I take a few days to reply, I've been spending a lot of time offline lately.

Thanks for being so patient, everyone. I love you all.

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Comments ( 3 )

Yay! can't wait :)

Hurray! Welcome back :P

Take your time, you always put out amazing content after breaks like this. I'm super pumped!!!

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