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Rarity Investigates Review · 2:17am Sep 20th, 2015

Three Rarity episodes three weeks in a row, eh? Okey dokey. First, liking the continuity with Rainbow Dash and the Wonderbolt Reserves, it's like the writers heard me. No, I don't care if animation lead time means they had the episode in the can before my review. Also I appreciate they included Sassy and the new boutique at the start, continuity is good. And throughout the episode Rainbow is so friggin' adorable. The film noir was a lot of fun and it was cool that some guards actually played a role in an episode, and it was awesome to see Rarity acting smart and perceptive.

But, oh, gee, I wonder who could have framed Rainbow Dash. Could it possibly be the new character introduced in this episode who has a very smarmy and arrogant voice, glares at Dash during practice, and is the one to accuse her of the crime? I guess it could be anypony.

Overall a fun episode, a predictable result but lots of humor to make up for it.

Comments ( 5 )

This was pretty weak as a mystery/noir episode (MMMystery on the Friendship Express did a better job at actually being a mystery), but to me the strong points of this episode were character development for the Wonderbolts and, of course, Rainbow being freakishly adorable.

3405658 oh lord yes. I'd forgotten how adorkable Rainbow's fangirling can be.

3405684 Rainbow's happy dance in this episode is second in cuteness only to the stool march from "Testing, Testing 1-2-3" :pinkiehappy:

Yeah, I called the culprit almost as soon as he came on screen. However, like MythrilMoth said, it was all about the characters and Rarity and Rainbow Dash really did shine. Only took five years for the two to have any significant screentime together!

Rainbow's reactions to everything are why I enjoy this episode the most out of the Rarity trilogy.

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