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I have to tell them that last night was a shameful train wreck filled with blind cuddly puppies.

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    My role model!

    Mary Jane
    LSD tabs (only once, literally worst experience of my life!)
    Liquid X
    vitamin K
    laughing gas (Funny story behind that one...)
    cocaine (not that much though.)

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    Is the act of being so terribly bad at being an adult that you have to literally hit the reset button and try again in later stage of life.

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    Yep, a new DiamondBloom... or AppleTiara... actually I like DiamondBloom better, it sounds pretty legit. Oh yea, new story and all that good jazz!:heart:

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Rarity Investigates · 10:16pm Sep 19th, 2015

Aww, this latest episode was by far the best interaction Rarity and Rainbow has in the show.... Wait, it's almost the only prolonged interaction that they have had and I absolutely loved it. I even hijacked my dads sixty inch flat screen to watch in the living room. And I was rewarded with sixty inches of fabulousness! It was so much better than her last episode Canterlot Boutique which was a bit lack luster in my opinion, but after seeing Sassy Saddles one more time I have to admit she's growing on me... All in all 10/10 would watch again.

Oh and the seductiveness of that pony though. I mean all she'd have to say is...

That's my Bi***

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