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    A Short Statement

    What happened today in Washington, DC is not right.

    The storming of the Capitol building was not right.

    The inciting of violence by our own president was not right.

    If you support it, you are not right.

    To those people, please fuck off; I don't want to entertain your sick, twisted, deluded fantasies.


    Piss off.

    And have a shitty day.


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The Ship has Set Sail! · 7:18pm Sep 19th, 2015


I feel like this is the closest thing we've gotten to a canon ship in all honestly, and I couldn't be happier

Comments ( 3 )

I feel like this is the closest thing we've gotten to a canon ship in all honestly, and I couldn't be happier

Pfffft. Rarity is so aggressively into stallions it was the plot of a season four episode.

That is merely an inconvenience that the HMS Raridash will ram through with its indestructible titanium plow.


She could be bi for all we know.

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