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<---- Drawn by mix-up. All I have to say is disappearing is easier when its a crowd of people that are exactly like you.

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thank mr skeltal · 4:49pm Sep 19th, 2015

We have been visited. Quickly thank mr skeltal!

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Why should I thank him?

3405783 thank mr skeltal

3405783 Only then will good bones and calcium shall be granted to you!

3406220 :pinkiegasp:How do you know he's not lying?:unsuresweetie:

3406712 Because I've already thanked him, and now I have amazing bones! :pinkiehappy:

3407617 But that's not science. Anyway I'll get strong bones on my own not just because some picture told me to do something, it didn't even say please.

3407748 *whispers to you* please just do it. He wont let me see Nito until I get enough people to say it.

3407757 Who's Nito and how would the image of a skeleton with a trumpet keep you from seeing him/her unless I say thank mr skeltal? Oh wait I just said it crap. :facehoof:

Also I just noticed the picture only asks for you to say it if you're scroling, well I don't know what that is I was just scrolling down to see what you posted.

3408140 \(*-*)/ success, and Nito is a dark souls boss past a bunch of skeletons. He is a bitch to get to.


3423971 media.giphy.com/media/14uoAqOzW4Kfeg/giphy.gif
Why, thank you my good man! I live to please.

Thank Mr. Skeltal! Praise Mr. Skeltal! Worship Mr. Skeltal! Become Mr. Skeltal!

3464375 I became mister skelatal once. It was in the beginning of the great skeleton war where I played the mightiest skeleton trumpet.

3465002 Lol. I was the trumpet beside you then. I had become disheartened when I heard your glorious trumpet. I have trained for many years to become a trumpet master. *Starts making a complex rhythm with my trumpet*

3465753 I remember you! How's the whole missing rib thing?

3465803 I stole a rib while practicing, it hurt really bad while it was happening. I also had a close brush with arthritis. That would have been bad.

3465814 You were a skeleton! Arthritis would be the end of us all!

3465848 I'm glad we don't have any flesh and organs because we can't get any of those living diseases but arthritis and other bone-related things are so much more deadly! Do you remember Jimmy? The only skeleton to survive arthritis? I talked to him and he shared his secret. He bathes in milk! How crazy is that?

3465856 Milk? I must go speak to the cow gods for large quantities of milk then!

3465868 Do not speak to the cow gods, for it was goat milk! (The group of skeletons behind me gasp)

3465872 I thought he bathed in mil though. How could he be bathing in cheese if it was milk? (skeletons start dancing) Also why are these guys still here? I swear I got rid of them last Tuesday.

3465887 (Fixed it) They are still here because of the interview between me and you. PLOT TWIST! (All of the skeletons gasp.)

3465898 That explains a lot...at least they can't beat my trumpet playing!

(I got to go now, I'll talk to you later)

3465907 (See you) They could, if they trained for many years.

3465914 (I'm back) I got my trumpet playing powers from lord Nito though!The other skeletons always see my trumpet playing skills and are like img.memecdn.com/nito_o_2075353.jpg

3466028 Too bad. I once beat Lord Nito in a trumpet playing competition. He bestowed upon me the title of Undead Legendary Trumpeter. (The skeletons all bow.)

3466032 I challenge you to a trumpet playing competition then! i.imgur.com/CxU6n.gif

3466042 *Starts dancing in a line and playing an intricate trumpet solo* (All of the skeletons start dancing along with me.)

3466054 *Starts playing trumpet, but accidentally screws up a note* I meant to do that...I should start running should I?

(I'm working on one of my unreleased stories right now so I apologize if my responses slow down a bit)

3466066 (I gtg anyways) CHARGE!!! (All of the skeletons chase you) (Talk to you tomorrow)

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