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Review: Nicholas and Alexandra (1971) · 11:51pm Sep 18th, 2015

In this sprawling, three hour recounting of the final years of the reign (and life) of Tsar Nicholas II, the final Tsar of Russia.

And suffice to say, I liked it.

Franklin J. Schaffner (Planet of the Apes, Patton, Papillon and The Boys from Brazil) doesn't make it a flashy film, but rather chooses to keep it stately and subdued, yet filled with a scope befitting the large scale of both Russian history and Russia itself. The emotions aren't raw, that's true, but they are there and genuine. Schaffner gets strong performances out of his entire cast, and Freddie Young's sumptuous cinematography means the film looks incredible.

Michael Jayston does an excellent job at making Nicholas sympathetic, while still showing why he ended up failing as a Tsar. Nicholas sincerely wants what's best for Russia, yet stubbornly refuses to modernize the country, or grant the citizens more rights, while also being unable to muster the strength or force of will to fully commit to a course of action without collapsing under the stress. As the film goes on, it becomes abundantly clear that Nicholas is in over his head, and continues to dig himself deeper. Once he's deposed however, he realizes his errors, but by then, its tragically late. Jayston's performance is nuanced and intense, forgoing flashy showboating, and instead being very internalized.

Janet Suzman's performance is also very good, albeit far more flamboyant then Jayston's. Her Alexandra is a woman who loves Nicholas deeply, but her wild array of worries and manias, and her near fanatical devotion to Rasputin, drive a wedge between her and Nicholas. More often then not, Suzman plays towards the high strung end of Alexandra's emotions, but it works, since by all historical accounts, Alexandra was a high strung woman with an array of manias and issues.

Both Laurence Olivier and Tom Baker do incredible supporting performances as Prime Minister Count Witte and the disturbingly charismatic mad monk Gregory Rasputin. Olivier has maybe less then 15 minutes of screen time, but he feels his scenes with the classic grace and nobility, and his prophetic monologue about the beginning of World War 1 and it symbolizing the death of the 19th Century is a tour de force of acting.

On Baker's end of the table, he makes Rasputin frighteningly charismatic, and his trance like hold over Alexandra makes sense within the narrative, as he holds a sway over every scene he's in. He's disturbing and creepy, yet undeniably magnetic in his mannerisms. Also, his death is pretty epic.

Lenin himself shows up in the film, and is a determined mastermind of the Communist movement, and his scenes, while brief, provide a sharp contrast to Nicholas, who always is softer. Lenin's only concern is power and the furthering of his own goals, and even if he needs to use terrorism and murder to further his own goals, then so be it.

So yes, while the pacing of the film can drag a bit at times, Nicholas and Alexandra remains an effective, surprisingly intimate and sympathetic look at a family who have often been neglected in history. Its an underrated film, and I hope it gets some recognition in the future.

5 out of 5

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