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a complete fucking idiot. please kill me.

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okay but now what · 10:06pm Sep 16th, 2015

so lemme level with you guys: i'm not rly coming back. or, i am, but i'm sort of not? truth is i rly don't care about writing about ponies anymore. they don't care me fired up or passionate the way they used to. i realized a long time ago the show wasn't going to give me what i wanted out of it (which is fair, as i think my love of the characters could only carry me so far), and rather than sticking around i decided to move on and try my hand at writing in the 'real world'.

for the most part, that's something i've succeeded at. let this be a lesson to any of you who dream of starting out writing about cartoon horses fucking each other, then gradually moving up the literary ladder until you can look at a lump of change you got for something you wrote and say dang i'm actually doing this.

anyway, with that said, i'm not sure if i'm going to be posting anymore stories. the four i put up when i 'came back' were the ones i'd written while i was gone, ideas that got stuck in my head and wouldn't go away until i put them down. judging from the lukewarm reception they got, i don't feel too choked over missing much, but i still might decide to write some more pony stuff in the future. if i do, tho, it will be more experimental stuff--similar to what i was doing near the end of my last stint. i don't think pony fanfiction needs more of anything it already has going on, and id' like to think i can continue bringing something new, whether that's porn or sfw stuff.

also, i've opened the commission thingy on my user page. i don't anticipate any demand, but i'd be happy to write to fulfill the desires of anyone out there who wants to throw me some bucks. rates might seem high because that's what i get for writing in the 'real world'--i like pony stuff, but i also don't like it so much i'm willing to work at less than what my output is worth.

thanks to everyone for their kind words. i won't be around as much, but it's nice to see everyone's still having fun here. :)

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Comments ( 25 )

Fair enough. Glad to hear you're finding success out there in the "real world", so to speak.

That series of stories you posted really made my day!

What are you doing now in the real world?

3397544 Wait.... this isn't the real world?:rainbowderp:.......... is.....is this the matrix?!:pinkiegasp:

Hey dude I love you no matter what you do.

What did you think the Internet was? :moustache:

Well, shoot. That's a little disappointing.:applejackunsure:
Still, I hope you kindasorta stay around. There are people here that are definitely happy to see you back. Regardless, glad to see you're having success out there in the real world.

Any chance of sharing what you've been writing in the real world over here?

Is there any way we can continue to follow and read your things that you're writing outside of the ponyverse? I know you probably loathe the idea of connecting this persona and anything that could represent you in real life, but I would really like to continue to support you if possible.

the horse fandom -- mostly you, and a musician named SoGreatAndPowerful -- kind of opened my eyes to the fact that a lot of this stuff is horribly ephemeral. Any creator can just up and leave one day without a single word, and change their name if they ever make anything else. I understand why; I've done the same between my words on this site and my short stories elsewhere. But it did feel like, for a long time, there could have been a goodbye to provide some sense of closure. That's really what made me happiest about hearing you were back. It left me feeling that I didn't give back and properly express how much I liked your stuff.

So, if I never read another word of a story you write: goodbye, and thanks for sharing with us all. It might have gotten less special for you over the years, but i really identified with and loved a lot of the things that you wrote. Should you continue writing under a different name, I sincerely hope I accidentally run into your stuff again, so I can experience that fantastic feeling of discovery all over again.

Author Interviewer

well dang :O

Hell, darf, anything's okay. Just good to know you're here, even if you kind of aren't.

Good luck "in the real world", and thank you for the horse words!

Good luck in meatspace ;_;7

3397591 my sentiment exactly, but I doubt I could have put that beautifuly.

you got published?

Not too surprising to hear you're not really back, but it's good to know that you're still around and writing, even if it's not horse stuff. You have always been a superior writer and it's great to hear you've been finding success with your skill. I may not bother you with a commission, but if you ever make your editing skills available, that is something else. I still owe a lot of gratitude for the time you helped me, and I was damn lucky to get it.

Well, thanks for the things you did. You're good.

So long and thanks for all the fish horse words.

3397591 I completely agree. I'd write my own sentiment to go with this but I could never put it so eloquently.

Well. It was fun having you here and write pony words. A big thumbs up for that alone.
And now you're making it to the real world.
That's awesome. Just one thing. Where do I find your works of real world writing?
I'd love to see what you'll be doing from now on. And if it is a free sample to get me hooked to buy the actual short story/ book I'd be more than happy to order a copy if it is fitting my interests.


I'm going to try and write a response to this.

Do what you want and YOU alone.

If you don't want to write ponies anymore---or if you do---then that's your decision. Just choose what you think is best.

Keep on going with writing your own real stories. However, perhaps---if you plan on drawing ponies again---try and set a schedule between writing real stories and fanfics. For example, I'm currently in the process of writing my own novel, but at the same time, I'm planning times to write fanfics too.

And even if you don't want to write pony fanfics ever again, the best you can do for the people who look up to you is to stay with them. Don't write if you want, but you can always lurk and comment every once in a while---I always do. :D

But like I said, do what you want on your own terms.

And don't forget the people you've inspired, like me. If it wasn't for you, I'd be a nobody on this site. You're that much of a difference.

Thank you for coming back. Thank you for existing.


noooo now i'll never get that continuation of royal instructions that i always secretly wished for ;___; ......

Yeah, I'm kind of in the same place. There are still a few fanworks that I follow, and I still do (painting) commissions -- when people ask if they can give me money, I let them! but it's been a very long time since I've done fanart for the love of the source material. I still love the characters but I definitely get what you mean when you say the show isn't going to give you what you want out of it. ~au revoir~

It's good to see you poke your head in even if you don't do much, and it's awesome to hear that you're doing well elsewhere. Completely clean breaks have always bothered me, for all I know someone could have signed off for the last time and then been immediately hit by a bus.

I can't say I'm too broken up, but I always get a little melancholy when I find that someone has ceased to write here. And despite the nature of the majority of your work, a few of your stories were really great.

Your use of complex vocabulary was refreshing. And your dedication was truly something to be admired.

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