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    Excuses, dood.

    I'm a piece of shit, dood.

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    House Sparkle Update, dood

    This is more of a reminder to me and a heads up to you guys that I gotta change that AWFUL deal Twilight and Barb made, dood. Or alter it so that it's just a simple date rather than Twilight giving Barb permission to fuck her if she doesn't encounter a love interest of hers that isn't my favorite purple unicorn/alicorn, dood.

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    No one asked for this but I did it, dood.

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    That's all, really, dood.

    "Huntress' Favorite Thorn" is the title, dood.

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    ... Isn't for me because I don't update enough or give out good enough stuff for me to want to use Patreon, dood.

    This is an update with a malicious click bait title, dood.

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    Holy shit, I've actually been doing somehting, dood!

    I can't remember if I already used that title for a blog post... oh well, dood.

    I am nearly done Chapter 31 of Misadventures, dood! Just finishing a sex scene and then I look for a proof-reader... either 'the-other-sans', Shiguya, or someone I like proof-reading for me, dood.

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So about House Sparkle, dood. · 7:27am Sep 16th, 2015

This is a update to remind everyone that it's on Hiatus, dood.

Unlike some other stories that I'M waiting on, it doesn't mean 'cancelled', dood. House Sparkle is on the back of my mind and I do remind myself weekly that it exists whenever I slam my head against Misadventures in between being a slacker nerd, playing FF14, and at work, dood.

While a chapter for House Sparkle isn't even started or thought up of because I'm probably gonna need to reread it all and look over the notes that I made or were thrown at me by pre-readers that made suggestions, dood.

I'm really sorry for the bad news that there is no chapter in the works AT ALL, but that don't mean it's dead and buried, dood. It'll come back when I am finished Misadventures, dood! Mini-Series not withstanding, I'll probably always do that after Misadventures is finished, dood... when I actually do update my stories.

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Comments ( 5 )

I can't wait for when we do get more House Sparkle :ajsmug:

3397230 Do you even Disgaea, dood?

3396841 You and many many many people, dood.

3397230 No, dood.

3397499 You tell him about that wikidemia that can't be found, dood.... and about a great yet very tedious JRPG, dood.

Whoops, dood. :twilightblush: I originally had the "enwp.org" short link, but it wasn't loading for me, so I lengthened it, dood. Link is fixed, dood; good catch ッス.

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