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    Happy Wormhole X-Treme! Xmas

    Happy Christmas, everypony!

    I'll admit that I fell off the writing wagon a bit after I exhausted my buffer of completed chapters for Stargate Tail. I'm planning to post Chapter 9 soon, though, so that's a Christmas present from me to all of you. :twilightsmile:

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    Antacids and Nightmares

    Whoops! I forgot to post chapter eight this afternoon, sorry for being late! :twilightblush:

    While I've got you here, I'll let you know that chapter eight marks the end of my buffer of already-complete chapters that allowed me to post a new chapter every week. While chapter nine is partially written, I can't guarantee I'll finish it by next Friday.

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    Writing storm!

    I'm currently on vacation, so I've got extra time to write this week. I'm on chapter 8 right now, and I'm hoping to extend my buffer a bit so that I can keep the 1/week updates going on longer.

    Of course, I've also got Labor Day off work. :scootangel:

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    New story in two weeks!

    [Adult story embed hidden]

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My Little Exalt Chapter 03 · 8:08pm Aug 4th, 2012

Sorry for the wait! Chapter 03 "Behemoth in the Room" is more than halfway complete. I had intended to finish it last Sunday (partially to poke fun at my editor, who couldn't look at chapter 02 until then), but I hit a wall a bit after halfway through writing. Then I started getting distracted by things like other people's fics. :pinkiecrazy:

The chapter is mostly done. I promise to finish soon! (And go over the edits to chapter 02, as well.)

In the meantime, my play group began a game of Vampire: the Masquerade this week! I grace you with a different Rhanite creation: My Little Masquerade!

I'm playing a True Brujah, who wants all the knowledge, and has both the Curiosity and Impatient flaws. A vampire, with the knowledge of Twilight, the personality of Pinkie, and TIME MAGIK?! This will only end well, I think.

(Bonus points: one of the other PCs is playing a Brujah. True Brujah don't like Brujah very much... bucking posers!)

Report Lithl · 1,010 views · Story: My Little Exalt · #story updates
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