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I'm am an autistic brony, looking to write fantasy and everyday life novels for my kind. I became a brony when I related well with applejack and twlight, and I love the show.

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big new! · 12:11am Sep 15th, 2015

So I got a lot going on, some it involves pre-reading opportunities :D

So, as some of you know, my friend Fallen Wishes and her friends were in need of financial help, and I promised some new stories and chapters if they made there goals.
Well, thanks to one generous donation, Fallen Wishes is safe :D
So, I'll keep my promise and have something new come out soon. I'm a but torn, so I'm going to let you guys vote in the comment section which should come out first. And here's what i currently have:

* My parody story, Elsa's Snowflake

*The first chapter of my new story, a romance story between, wait for it, Silver Spoon and Button Mash (dying to see how many votes that gets)

*And, while it's still in the works, I also have a chapter about ready to go of my story, A Silver Life.

In any case, I will need pre-readers for these. In return, I'll happily pre-read any of your fics. PM me for more details

Lastly, while my friend Fallen Wishes is okay, she still has some friends who need help, and is starting a new champain to help as many of them as she can.
Though while i know not all of them will get a $1000 donation, here's my compromise: When I hear from Fallen that one of these people she's trying to help is no longer in a financial strain and has their life on track, I'll post something new, maybe even the new chapter of Elsa's Snowdrop ;)
any case, thank you all who have helped. You are all amazing. And don't forget, you can get rewards in the form of commissions for every friend you donate as well ;)

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