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  • 138 weeks
    Equestria Computer Aided Science Enrichment Center

    The basic idea is that somebody gets displaced then turns into GLaDOS.

    However, he or she (preferably she) aren't GLaDOS when they first arrive. Whether their still human or a pony is up to the wrighter.

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    0 comments · 182 views
  • 147 weeks
    Little Ghost Displaced Challenge

    somebody get displaced as little ghost from hollow knight

    Bonus points if they cannot speak and emote, thus forcing them to converse thru movement and/or sign language.

    0 comments · 159 views
  • 150 weeks
    Grillby Displaced

    Another simple one, someone cosplaying as Grillby ends up in Equestria. He then decides that the best course of action would be too open up a bar. The story itself would be about Grillby interacting and reacting to the shenanigan of the locals, as offering some advise to those that need it.

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  • 167 weeks
    Bloody Bunny Displaced

    I was sure I had mentally prepared myself for just about anything...
    Geting sent to Equestria as a possessed assassin bunny plushy wasn't on that list.

    In which some poor sap gets sent to Equestria as Bloody Bunny

    2 comments · 505 views
  • 180 weeks
    Kenny displaced challenge

    I'm surprised that no one has done this yet, but someone sould definitely do a displaced of someone as Kenny from southpark.

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    0 comments · 170 views

MLP Splatoon crossovers? · 9:15am Sep 14th, 2015

I haven't found any stories using this crossover (then again I may have just missed them :derpytongue2:) and I was thinking that the premise of Splatoon would work very well with MLP.

it doesn't have to be a direct crossover, but at the very least bring some of the aspects of Splatoon into MLP.

If you do make or have made a MLP Splatoon crossover can you post a link in the comments? Thanks!

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Comments ( 1 )

I'm not sure if you've found these yet, but there are two Splatoon/MLP crossovers that I know of: Splattered Horizons and An Inkling of Friendship.

(Full disclosure: I'm writing the latter one)

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