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I enjoy manly beards, ponies and the occasional glass of scotch.

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    I know DM hasn't updated in far far to long but I'm currently at a point in my life where I just can't devote any time to writing right now. I work a 10 hour day to come home and help my daughter with her home work, make dinner than go to bed. I want to finish Dragon's Might, the story floats around in my head all day at work, but I just don't have the time these days to actually put words to

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    With love, MB.

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    It just recently hit me that the shit I type might define a person I don't know. That idea terrifies me, My shit shouldn't sculpt a future artist. I want anyone who might view me as a launch point to be fully invested in their ideas. It doesn't matter where your launch pad comes from. As long as you have the courage to spring board off that base idea you can do anything.

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So hey I'm sober now. · 9:58pm Sep 12th, 2015

Greeting gentle viewers!

I know it's been QUITE some time since I've posted or said anything around here but I promise I've got at least a semi decent reason. A couple weeks ago I hit a point in my life when I realized by wanton alcohol abuse was finally getting to a point that it needed to stop. Now since I'm not sure everyone knows or not but when you suffer from severe enough alcoholism the decision to stop can be potentially life threatening. About 5% of people who cold turkey from the booze die from DT's if they don't seek medical help with their detox.

I happened to be one of those lucky few who needed medical help with my withdrawal. So for the last few weeks I have been detoxing and receiving medical attention so as to not die from my heart beating out of rhythm. This has made it very difficult to write or do much of anything which really sucked because writing has always been something I used to take my mind off things.

Now that I'm out of the woods and back home I plan to get back in the saddle and finish my story, there will probably be wild swings in posting of new chapters as alcohol has long been a writing aid of mine and since I no longer have it Im not sure how it will effect my output but hey what can you do.

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Congrats on going sober! My parents did that a few years back, and I can say it had been to their benefit!

Good luck getting readjusted to life and writing without booze :twilightsmile:

congrats on getting sober :pinkiehappy: glad your alive and well. been idly wondering why this awesome fic hasn't been updating at all don't mind the wait now knowing it was for you to better yourself. again way to go and just keep hanging in there :twilightsmile:

Congratulations ^_^

I liked you better drunk.

3389938 I'm sure the local liquor store liked me better drunk to.

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