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LOVED the new episode! · 4:32pm Sep 12th, 2015

This one really captured Rarity's best side: her creativity. Her need to make each design unique and not want to churn out one design ad nauseum speaks out to the non-conformist in me. Rarity's character was amazing, so many more delightful background characters, and an antagonist that actually learns her lesson in the episode she debuts in, and doesn't need to come back three seasons later to learn it!

Trixie, Gilda, Sunset, I'm looking at you! And those Flim Flam guys STILL haven't learned! :ajbemused:

Also . . . . RAVEN PONY!! *SQUEEEEEEE* :pinkiehappy:

This one made it to my Top Ten pretty easily! :yay:

Report LightningSword · 236 views · #new episode
Comments ( 13 )

Thank you for the spoilers. :pinkiesmile: I don't get to see it till tomorrow night.

Can't wait to see it after work.


To be honest with you Lightning, the Flim Flam brothers don't need a redemption. They are just fine the way they are: wonderfully entertaining con-artists.:raritywink:

I also got to agree with this being one of my more favorite episodes in awhile, then again, Rarity usually is one of my more highlighted mares.

The antagonist of this episode I actually enjoyed very much. I understood her goals, and honestly, they made sense. From a logical standpoint, it would be better to continue one line if it is successful and avoid potential risk. But on the flip side, it is better to stay creative and not get bored with your passion.

Though I would like to understand more about Sassy's "failed boutique" she spoke of. Either way, very good episode, worth the wait!



3387022 Well you didn't have to read any of the stuff in spoilers.

I know! I didn't read any of the stuff in the spoilers. It wasn't drive-by spoilers. I love it. :heart:

What did we learn from this episode?

Industry is EVIL!:pinkiecrazy:

And to have a modicum of sucess you gotta have royal conections\friends! Nepotism yay!:yay:

Now, seriously, for me this episode had a little less conflict compared to what we're used to in others, but nonetheless it was a welcome return.

I would have more preferred if Rarity and Sassy had struck some kind of compromise rather than put Rarity in the right completely.

Maybe, but Sassy was still pretty intrusive. I think with things playing out like they did, it was resolved well.

Sassy was too intrusive. A compromise means both sides give in somewhat. Sassy becoming less intrusive and Rarity acknowledging that she needs to let go of some of her original vision. I really liked Sassy in that she was very business oriented yet still very chipper. Normally business oriented characters are heavily vilified yet Sassy still had an obvious love for fashion and was very positive and enthusiastic.
I think Sassy should have rather been put in her place and reminded of her position. Rarity is her boss and Rarity needed to learn that having employees means that she sometimes has to throw her weight around.

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