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Best Pony · 12:34am Jan 19th, 2012

Not too long ago, somebody quite simply asked me:

"Who is best/hottest pony?" At first I thought:

“Wait, what kind of question is that?” But then decided, “Hey, I’m bored and like ranting, why not?”

The problem, though, is that there are so many awesome ponies in this show, trying to pick a single pony is undoable. That’s why I’m going to answer it this way instead. After reading, why don’t you all tell me who is best pony?

Best of the Mane Six:

So, this question is a virtual impossibility. I could sit for hours and hours trying to choose one, but I would only end up going in circles. I think I may like Rarity a bit more than the others, but by tomorrow, that will probably already have changed. I mean, they’re all great. Fluttershy being so adorable, and Twilight being quite relatable for most of us. The most attractive of the mane six? This may seem a little strange, but it’s Pinkie. I don’t know what it is about her, but I love it.

Best Side Character:

I was able to whittle this one down to Zecora and Cheerilee. I don’t think I could pick between those two. I can't wait for the upcoming Cheerilee/Big Mac episode! I wanted to write a Zecora fic, but I know for a fact that I can’t come up with so many rhymes. As for Cheerilee, yeah I’ll probably get around to that. Who is the hottest? While both Zecora (dat ACCENT) and Cheerilee (TILF) are sexy, I think Trixie wins this time. Maybe she should become a prostitute, since she isn’t good at anything else!

Best Background Character:

THERE ARE SOOOO MANY! In the end, though, my favorite is Vinyl Scratch. Most background characters, like Derpy and the Doctor, have been given intricate back stories by the fandom, but I kind of admire Vinyl for her simplicity. She’s just a mare who really likes music! The hottest one? Hmmm…definitely Octavia. Just saying, I’d love to..er…play her cello? Ummm, moving on.

So, to answer the original question, Celestia is best pony.

How about you guys? Who are your favs?

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Comments ( 25 )

Octavia has been my favorite background pony since she was created, and about a month ago Trixie became my favorite side character. Best of the mane six is Rarity.

"So, to answer the original question, Celestia is best pony. "
Your my new god,after Celestia of course :trollestia:

Mane 6 : hmmm,hard one, fluttershy is just adorable ,but rarity has the best style and the way she holds herself ,like a expensive high class prostitute who knows when its time to act high and snobbish and when its time to get dirty

Side Characters:
Zecoras accent and rhyming is awesome(respects to the ones who come up with all her lines hehe )
Luna and Celestia (i would call them side characters,since the main ones are the 6 mares)
THE CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS!!!!! ,their just hilarious and who doesnt like little kids who end up stuck in tree sap?

BG Ponies:
Octavia is a looker, i like her coat/mane color and shes standing up while playing the cello and holding the string (WITH HER HOOVES!! suck on that unicorns)
And i love Derpy and her daughter Dinky,regardless of it all being fanon, their just so adorable when i imagine them.

Overall: Celestia, she needs the love seriously.

One prank and shes a tyrant,manipulator and molester to most while a bad guy like Trixie is probably as popular as some of the mane 6 (i like the Trixie redems herself stories and such but still the point being cannon wise shes evil)

Favorite mane: Applejack. Don't know, southern accent gets to me and I really like her attitude towards everything. :ajsmug:

Favorite side: Zecora. She has the answer for everything, even if she says it in riddles. Mmmmmm, riddles. :moustache:

Favorite background: Derpy 'Ditzy Doo' Hooves. To me, I can just think of soooo many stories I could throw her in and have it just perfect. She can me molded into anything because of how random she is! :pinkiehappy:

Mane 6: Fluttershy because she's adawable
Side: Big Mac because eeyup
Background: Vinyl Scratch because of fan fiction plus djs are cool!

Twilight and Applejack are my favorite ponies.

mane six is a tie betwean twilight and fluttershy

side charechter is obviously zecora but mostly cause she seams like the one i can relate to the most and her charichter is just pure awsome hell i think shes 20% cooler than...and i know im gonna recive so much hate for this...rainbow dash

background charechter has to be lyra since they always make her be obssesed with humans like the exact opposite a brony

and best overall is zecora luna is seconed sadily in this categorie and celestias betwean numbers 8 and 4

now let the hate begin

Best pony: Soarin. Of course.

Hottest pony? Well, that's really tough. I don't think there's a single unhot pony in the cannon, really. If I HAD to chose, it would come down to Fluttershy, (Dat shyness :heart: ) Octavia, and Spitfire.

Best man has gotta be AJ. I just find myself being able to relate to her.

Best side is Luna. No question.

For background, I've gotta go with Octavia. The proffesional musician look gets me everytime.

Mane 6 I'm all for Rarity. It's a combination of her style, her drama, and, well... Something else. She's just up there.
Side? I like Luna, but haven't seen much of her sadly. Cherilee is also up high. But I'm sort of tied there.
Background? Now, this one is a bit tougher. Octavia is nice, Derpy is adorable in her own way, Scratch has that sort of charisma around her... I don't know.
Best Pony overall for me? Rarity. <3

Everypony is best pony, even Diamond Tiara & Silver Spoon

Mane: Twilight

Side: Trixie

Background: Bon Bon

Best overall? Toss up between Twi and Nightmare Moon. I LOVE Nightmare Moon, but Twilight has that bookish thing going on. Nerdy ladies are hot. Just sayin

Mane six: Fluttershy because if you don't like Fluttershy, you go straight to the ovens of Hell. But that doesn't and mustn't prevent you from writing a Rarity-centred fic. In fact, DO IT! Like, right now! :duck:
Side character: Celestia because she is the goddess of everything awesome. Period.
Background: Both Vinyl and Octavia. I really can't choose between the two,
Overall: Who can be a benevolent and wise ruler, troll her protege and molest ponies (including the aforementioned protege and the side-ruler, who is her sister) at the same time? Right, guys!
Celestia is best pony. Deal with it. :trollestia:

So there are people who like Celestia! :pinkiehappy:

She doesn't seem to get enough love from the fandom. :fluttercry:

Celestia is underrated. I agree.
Off-topic here rainbows, but I sent you an email with a question I need answered. I would have sent you a message on here, but it doesn't work on my phone. Not sure if you got it or not...

Celestia is underrated. I agree.
Off-topic here rainbows, but I sent you an email with a question I need answered. I would have sent you a message on here, but it doesn't work on my phone. Not sure if you got it or not...

got your answer and responded :twilightsmile:
Just for the matter of staying on topic, some other hot ponies that barely didn't make my list: Cheerilee, Lyra, and Scootaloo...
Wait, is that wrong? Fillies can be hot too....

Of course they can! All in the spirit of inclusion, I say!

I might get a lot of hate for this, but I really don't like Zecora. Sure, she's decent looking and I like her accent, but honestly, the rhymes drive me fucking crazy. I can't stand it.

My favorite? Well, I'd have to say Fluttershy. Not because she's cute or popular, but because she connects with me, on a spirtual and emotional level. She's shy, I'm shy. She dosen't say much, I don't say much. She's a little misunderstood, I'm a little misunderstood. She dosen't know how to speak up at the right moment, I don't know how to speak up at the right moment... "Excuse me Mr. Spielberg, would you mind reading my script?" That's all I had to say...:fluttercry: oh crap, I slipped into that deep part of my soul again, didn't I? Uh, could somebody please tell where I'm at?

My Favourite Princess: Luna, The Fanon and Canon version's contrast so wonderfully and it's always fun to use aspects of both when imagining her.

My Favourite of the Mane 6?: This is tougher I like Rainbow Dash a lot, but Twilight has so many of moments of cute adorableness/adorkableness and a good couple of magical badass moments. So I'll Say Twilight with Rainbow coming in a close second.

My Favourite villain?: Discord, the show version, the fanon version's always feel over the top but perhaps that's how it's meant to be for a being of pure chaos :trollestia:. But I like Nightmare Moon in fanon better especially Peppy Greyskull's version in After that Fateful Night, and a couple of others like in the Ponydom vs Ponysty, Night Guards and The Wizard and the Lonely Princess.

Favourite one shot characters?: Trixie, Gilda & Fancy Pants.

Favourite Side characters?: Big Mac, Zecora & The Cutie Mark Crusaders

Favourite Background Ponies: Derpy, Doctor Whooves, Lyra, Bon-Bon, Carrot Top, Dinky & many others

Favourite Fan Characters?: Nyx from Past Sins, Littlepip from Fallout: Equestria, John Morris from An Azure Future, Moon Beam from After that Fateful Night, Quizzler - Evowizard25's character and my own Character Big Dave.

Ah yes, Littlepip. Fallout: Equestria is, in my humble opinion, the greatest fanficiton, and possibly the greatest work of literature, of all time. But let's not get me started on that! :rainbowlaugh:


I'm going to say things no one else has said yet, strangely enough.
Mane 6: Rainbow Dash. What? She's awesome.
Side-Character: Toss-up between Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo and Luna
Background Pony: Vinyl Scratch.
By the way, 5909 Bronyzilla, the tomatoes from Intensive Care are following you.

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