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  • 253 weeks
    "Them's Fighting Heards"

    From the creators of "Fighting is Friendship" comes this new game!

    Personally i'd love to get my hands on both games :)

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  • 253 weeks
    MLP Doodlebob

    Oh I kinda wanna see this recreated in the MLP world LOL

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  • 256 weeks
    100 things you didn't know...or did :3

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  • 268 weeks
    100th Episode!

    Wow what a love letter to the fandom! Yea the story was lacking somewhat...but damn was it worth it!
    We got Doctor Whooves! With Derpy!
    We got Vinel and Octavia! And they even did a collab!
    Button Mash showed up (lol)
    Lyra and Bonbon were amazing too.
    And we cant forget Gummy! I mean if you weren't laughing by then you were laughing after!!!

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  • 282 weeks
    A Year''s Time!

    Hello Stargazers

    Wow it's been WILD. The stories on this site never cease to impress, theirs always something new to satisfy whatever mood im in. So thanks to all the awesome writers for keeping the hype and heart of the show alive and kicking.

    Speaking of which i got a couple things to say about my own stories.
    Summoning the King of Monsters

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100 things you didn't know...or did :3 · 4:54am Sep 11th, 2015

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