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If friendship is magic, then I'm a f*ckin' wizard.

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Butt wai? · 3:43am Sep 11th, 2015

Man, I got 12 followers and I haven't written a single story!

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That isn't so bad, I'll write a story eventually but look at how many followers I have.

3604372 Now I have thirty! What is this!?

3604382 I don't know. I haven't finished a story (I'm currently writing three) and I've got 151 followers. . . I should do a face reveal when I get 170.

3604384 Wow! What's your secret?

3604398 I'm secretly, friends with an admin of a group who's written like eight stories. That and I'm an artist, and a group admin of MANY groups.

3604405 Dang! I'm sorry your majesty, I couldn't recognize you in your disguise.

My only talent is coming up with good ideas, but executing it horribly.

3604430 How did you know I was the Lord of the Kingdom of Night Fall?

3604454 Your name tag says it!

3604466 Huh, I never would have guessed.

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