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What Is Unusual Events? · 6:48pm Sep 10th, 2015

Hey guys! Sorry for my silence this week. What started as a holiday weekend sideswiped me with unexpected life, so I've been somewhat quiet up until today. This weekend I'll be working out the winners of The Dusk Guard Saga Art Contest! I'm sorry I had to delay this a bit, but between Unusual Events going into it's second alpha, getting Beyond the Borderlands ready for the final push, and real life (by which I mean bills, taxes, and everything else Calvin and Hobbes jokingly called "adult situations") I've been a little pressed for time.

Anyway, just know all those things are coming. Now, the purpose of today's post? Answers.

Some of you have asked what Unusual Events is. A fair question, since I keep talking about it, and not all of you follow both my blogs. Unusual Events is my next book. To be more specific, it's a "short" story collection (so-called because only one of the stories is actually very short). There are ten stories in total, some of them in universes that I've dabbled in before (like the Unusual universe) and others that are entirely new. Feedback so far has been quite strong—there's a lot to look forward to in this collection. Hopefully, if all goes well, it'll be out sometime in October.

Anyway, hit the jump for a quick preview of the contents.

The Unusual Universe:
The Graveyard—The shortest of the set, and the only story that was not actually written for it. This was written by me during my last year of college, and was the initial appearance and genesis of Jacob Rocke. I’ll be touching it up, but it’s mostly there for a fun bonus.
A Miner Haunting—The newest Jacob Rocke story. Side story to the events of Dead Silver.
Flash Point—Moving to a new town and a new school where you’re the new kid sucks. But it can be worse, and when strange things start happening around Mark, it is.
Kitchen Creature—Ever wonder what happened to the food you dropped on your college apartment’s floor?
Monthly Retreat—Life can throw unexpected curve-balls at you. Alma’s newest might be more than she can handle. Even if it only comes once a month.

Shadow of an Empire Universe (Official Name Undecided)
Ripper—A serial killer who can alter sound stalks her next target.

Alaska (Written Mostly by Request. Now People Can Stop Bothering Me About It.)
Vacation—Come see Alaska. Get treed by a grizzly bear. Make idle chatter with your tour guide. Not like the bear’s going to talk.
Workday—Casey is about to start his first day as a deckhand on a halibut boat. He really doesn’t want to be there.

SUPER MODEL—No one has ever managed to get an interview with Wanderer, the city’s elusive superhero. Samantha has followed his career her entire life, and she’s determined to be the first, no matter what it takes.

For Glory—Nothing can prepare you for the "glories" of war.

And that's it! Look for it soon!

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Ooh, I'm curious about the Superhero/SUPER MODEL one :raritystarry:

I'm really pleased with that one. It started out as a short story, ended up being longer than One Drink at 112 pages (and I was tempted to sell it standalone as a result, maybe still will at some point, though it would still be in this book), and was totally awesome. For my first foray into superhero stories I've definitely done something cool and unique. I may return to this universe in the future, too, since I had a lot of fun with it.

Edit: The name is just SUPER MODEL. That's all.

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