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    I recently took my computer in for inspection and found out that either the charge port had shorted out or the motherboard is having issues. This means that my computer can't charge a battery. Thankfully, I still have warranty on it, so it's out for repairs. I have been issued a loaner in the meantime, so I will be able to continue my normal editing activities. Sadly though, I can't download

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New Song= Hours of My Life Spent on Replay · 11:07pm Sep 8th, 2015

Black Gryph0n, his brother Nathaniel, and Michele Creber just released a new single and I'm freaking addicted to it! :pinkiecrazy: Must replay roughly 127 more times before it cycles into a playlist.

Fun fact: This song reflects rather well my experience with my calculus classes last year XD I hope you all like this song as much as I do.

Comments ( 3 )

Ha Ha, your right.
I only played it once and I'm already hooked! :pinkiecrazy:

damn, so good !:pinkiecrazy:


Isn't it great? I love those guys so much. I've only met two songs that I didn't absolutely love that was by them. First musical act in a long time I can actually say I follow.

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