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#8 off to the editors · 8:24pm Sep 8th, 2015

Just thought you guys might to hear that. :twilightsmile:

(Anybody feeling left out, just throw me a comment and/or PM.)

No ETA, but hopefully this weekend baring RL or other interruptions.

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At first I was like, "And you didn't send it to me?!" and then I remembered that you're not Handyman or Dark Nebula

Also: :trollestia: FIRST! :trollestia:


So... You want to join in?


Hey, in my experience editing is one of the few things were you want as many cooks as possible.

So if you've got the time, sure.

Awesome! cant wait :twilightsmile:

Just thought you guys might to hear that.

We might to, yes. :trollestia:

3378626 Yeah, but you'd be the third guy I'd edit for that writes chapters in excess of 10k words.

I had an odd thought occur, given that that the big rule is on no transformation for the stuff you dont break for the rules, how much can you do under fixing it without breaking it? Since its a bit of a big thing for species reassignment?


It might be possible to make something akin to the (don't remember the spelling) häxenwolfe belts.

In other words, easy to use artifacts made by somebody else but that's technically activated by and that use the users own magic.

Of course, that's easy to mess up even if you don't have foul intentions. Those original belts warped those poor FBI agents quite thoroughly after all.

But yeah, most people are probably going to be out of luck, I'm sad to say. There's just so many pit-falls with Dresden style magic, and MLP magic doesn't appear to have any actually permanent ones aside from ascension. (And that's more of a special enlightenment deal.)

Hey, don't forget me!

off to the editors

And lo, unto the readers did come a great boon, for it was revealed that their vigil would soon come to a most joyous conclusion. And there was much rejoicing.


...I was certain I hadn't. Weird.

Maybe I triggered some anti-spam thing by mistake? Anyway, sorry about that flub, PM sent. :twilightsheepish:

Comment posted by Adin deleted Sep 9th, 2015



I'm sorry, but that was some rather major plot-points without a single spoiler-tag, and I got the PM.

If you want a discussion with the other editors, please do it in the comments of the doc itself.

But just so you know, you made some really good points and I'm going to take a few big snips with the cutting-scissors.

3380177 Right sorry, couldn't seem to get spoiler tags working and got way ahead of myself.

Also not that confident with google docs yet and didn't want to accidentally delete the document or something equally stupid.

Still the reprimand is well taken and this wasn't the right place for it, I won't make that mistake again. :facehoof:


No worries, it was a good idea, just the wrong place for it.

3380241 In my feeble defense, I was in full blown 20+k word editing fugue at the time. It is sort of like being sleep deprived except you are wide awake but lose all social graces and start making foolish mistakes.

I'll repost a somewhat edited version of that in the (hopefully,) correct place for the editors now that I think I have a better handle on gdocs.


Sounds good.

Again, I think I've got a few re-write ideas that's going to lessen the problem you talked about and give it more of a pay-off, but I've been editing all day myself so might take a bit.

3380268 Cool, and take your time, genius cannot be rushed!

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