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    Just thought I'd come on and say hi... only this once, unless you're lucky. I miss you guys, but I'm getting through. I may come back to this site one day, just so you know. There's your message from me. SUCK ON THAT, I AIN'T DEAD!!!!!!!!!! :yay:

    If you were a close friend of mine and want to email me:


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ARGH! · 6:55pm Sep 8th, 2015


Basically, because a girl that I was hanging out with and thought was my new friend, is now ignoring me and hanging out with other people! :twilightangry2: I don't want to tell her how I feel about this because I've only known her for a month and that would just sound weird! Besides, all she does is hang out with her friends.


Report Stardom Freedom · 148 views · #NewSchool #HATE
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Comments ( 7 )

You're in a new school, go make new friends. Hopefully they'll be better than the one who bailed on you.

I know how you feel. My best friend that I known from at least kindergarden, just flatt out ignored me last year until november and that's cus she wanted to copy my homeworrk.

I know, but that just feels... weird.


Yeah, I'm sure it does but give it a week or so you won't even be thinking about it, anymore. And, hopefully, you'll have a bunch of new friends by then and, maybe, one or two of them will be Bronies or Pegasisters, too? That'd be awesome!

Try to hang out with bronies, that's what I did when i was in school. Bronies will understand you more and try to be friends with you and vice versa.

Yeah, but I don't know who in my school are bronies or pegasisters.

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