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    Do you draw? I have a contest for you!

    I'm hosting a draw my dragonsonna contest on deviantart.

    Link here.

    She's a sweet, sometimes grumpy cactus dragon the size of a cat.

    The prizes include some rice bags made by myself. Traditional or digital art accepted!

    Check it out for a chance to win.


    — Blue

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    Discord Server

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    I'm making a Discord server run by me for the purpose of helping each other out with stories. At least I'll try to. Me vs. technology. -__-

    Anywho, message me if you'd like the address.


    — Blue

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    Hello. It's cold where I am. Like COLD. Anywho . . .

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    Pokes head in

    How's it going? You all still writing and reading?

    Give me an update if you want, I've been gone so long.

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    Sorry all

    It's been too long since I've posted anything here. I apologize. Short explanation is that I have had a severe set back with my depression that caused me to go in partial hospitalization and quit my job. So I'm very much floating along until I can find something that works for me.

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[New Group and a Flashfiction]: Night Terror · 4:17am Sep 8th, 2015

Hey all! I made a new SombraShy group! Come and join. :pinkiehappy:

Now to the fic . . . (Note this is different headcanon then what I had in The Arbitrator. That was a one-time headcanon deal.)

Warmth, but not like that of a blanket or robe. No. More like he was standing in the center of a shallow, heated pool as the waves lapped against his legs. Sombra knew he should open his eyes and leave, but the alien comfort of the situation made him reluctant. As he stood, a naggingly familiar smell worked its way into his nostrils, overwhelming his senses. For a time it baffled him, then realization struck. Iron.

He opened his eyes and froze. The ‘pool’ was nothing but an ocean of blood breaking against his legs. Sombra whirled around only to discover black sky and the ocean stretching to infinity. His heart raced as the waves crept higher up his chest. Then the voices started.

Horrid, ear-splitting wails, cries for mercy and vengeance, rising in a gradual crescendo. Sombra knew them as his subjects. He had long carried the memory of their suffering. As they grew, the multitudes manifested themselves. Skeletal hooves, reaching and clawing at his legs and sides. Though he struggled, he could not break free. Soon, they drew him under the waves. His lungs filled with blood as he sunk ever deeper . . .

Fluttershy did not know why she got up. She generally slept as soundly as any of her animal friends. And yet, here she was getting a glass of water at midnight. She tiphooved her way to the stairs, but froze upon seeing Angel staring transfixedly at the couch. “Angel? What’s wrong?” she hissed, careful not to raise her voice and wake Sombra.

To her frustration, the bunny did not acknowledge her but continued to gape at the stallion.

“Angel, don’t be paranoid, come—” She stopped cold upon noting what had drawn her friend’s attention. Though asleep, Sombra was twitching violently, a sickeningly familiar red aura surrounding what was left of his horn. I didn’t think he could use magic.

Without a second’s hesitation, she cantered over to him. Judging from how violently he shook, he was having a nightmare. Fluttershy shook him hard with her hooves. “Sombra, wake up! You’re okay, it’s just a dream.”

He blinked awake, regarding her as if seeing her for the first time. Then, he righted himself quickly. “Fluttershy, I—what are you doing?”

Fluttershy eyed his forehead. It’s gone. “You were . . . having a nightmare,” she said, still focusing on the spot where the magic had stemmed from.

“Why are you looking at my hor—” He stopped, biting his lip. His hoof ran gingerly over the stub.

Oh my. Fluttershy felt her entire face heat up. How could I have been so rude? “I’m sorry, Sombra. It’s nothing, promise.”

“Oh—okay.” He cleared his throat, gaining his usual composure once more. “What did you want from me again?”

“I uh—the nightmare. You were having one. I wanted to see if you were okay.”

An uncomfortable silence followed her words. Sombra lowered his ears, looking at the floorboards. “Oh. I . . . it is nothing new, Fluttershy.”

“That doesn’t make it right. Maybe we should talk to Luna about—”

“I have no desire nor need to speak with her upon such matters,” he snapped.

Fluttershy’s heart skipped a beat at the hurt expression on Sombra’s face. That dream really upset him . . . “Sombra, you need to talk about it. If you don’t, it’ll only get worse . . .”

“I . . . no I can’t I can’t talk to her I—”

“Will you talk to me about it then?”

He looked up, eyes wide with surprise. “Come again?”

Fluttershy took a long, slow breath. “If you don’t want to talk to Luna, why not talk to me?”

“I . . . I do not know, Fluttershy. Perhaps it better if I work it out on my own. Tis no concern of yours.”

Stubborn! Fluttershy leaned closer to Sombra, causing him to twitch like a cat. “I’ll make it my ‘concern’ then. Okay? We’re friends. Let me help you,” she pleaded.

A small flush stretched across his muzzle. “Very . . . very well. Though it will be a long tale.”

She gave him a small smile. “We have all night, don’t we?”

“Yes, I suppose we do . . .”

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Wanna see Flutters being amazing villainous?

Squee! I love this so much!

It totally missed out on the shipping discussion that was had earlier today but sombrashy is one of my OTP's for a various number of reasons.

Also, I wish there was more to that short passage :fluttercry: I have been looking for a good sombrashy story but the only one that I've found is some what lacking. Would you know of any good ones?


Oh, my gosh! I need more of this ship! :pinkiegasp:

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