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I am a student of economics,history and biology. I've come here to produce my seminal work Draconomachi. I hope to complete a and have it edited and posted somewhere it'll get noticed.

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    Spike's Caudal Nucleus and a Dragon's natural HyperThymesia

    Here are some medical terms required to understand some dialogue that'll be coming at the end of "The Wyrm Has Turned"

    The caudate nucleus is a nucleus located within the basal ganglia of the brains of many animal species. The caudate nucleus is an important part of the brain's learning and memory system.

    Learning and memory

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    Join me in Google Docs! the plot thickens

    I'm putting together the beginnings of my bildungsroman story!

    That'll lead into Draconomachi!

    The part you are about to read is the opening frame story that leads to the narrative of Spikes life up to his 22 year.

    *If I'm not on you can leave comments to show me problems or concerns or confusion*


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    Literature vs Fiction and WRITER'S BLOCK! RAWR!

    I'm quitting work to write ponies.....

    LOL Jk.

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    now where was I?

    oh yes:

    Fiction is any work portraying imaginary characters and events, as a novel, story, or play.

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For Draconomachi I had a fair amount of traveling so i had planned out spots for visits.
here what I had correct and incorrect.

The North is frozen and probably where the ponies migrated from

Griffins are to the east across the sea. (WOO!)
Dragons are to the South (WOO!)
The positions of Canterlot and Clouds-dale north of Ponyville

Los Pegasus is to the west

I thought Apple Loosa was to the west (It's actually to the south)

I thought Los Pegasus was ponified Las Vegas, It's apparently Los Angelas.

that's about it. All of my other Locales are in outer space, other dimensions, or in far off non-canon lands. So Dracnomachi is safe from canon!!!!
Good Thing I haven't released too much of it.

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Just out of curiousity...do you know of a site called BronyNet? :rainbowderp:

268406 I'm on there already

I found this same photo, it was on this website that started with the letter "F" and ended in "racistbook". I think it was "facistbook".
Do my eyes deceive me?

And I was so sure Canterlot was southeast of Ponyville. All my calculations were for naught.

Ah well, that's an easy fix.

Yeah it's really just turning it around.


I think I only mentioned it once or twice. A few word switches in Assassinate Princess Celestia! will make the story geographically in-tune with canon, though it will never be in-tune with canon in spirit!

This might put a crimp in my style for some of my other plans . . . I never imagined their rail system was so extensive. A rail going right up to the Frozen North? Hmm.

I want/need that map. To Walmart!

(And I really like its mane.)

Because I work all week and I gotta plan stuff and write stuff. :fluttershysad:

....There is a city called Applewood right below Los Pegasus....is there something Applejack isn't telling us?

269791 I think that's ponified Hollywood, bro.

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