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[Fun Discussion]: What are your straight ship OTP's and why? · 5:45pm Sep 7th, 2015

Thought since so many of you love discussions, I thought we could have one of our own! Yay?

And what better subject from the shipping obsessed donkey than SHIPPING! Also, I'm opening up two of my Mane 6 ships for re-consideration, so you'll have the chance to try and convince me yours is the way to go. :raritywink:

[Only thing I ask is that we don't start arguing. Discussing yes, arguing no.]

With that out of the way, let's get this ball a-rolling.


by Johnyho

This is so obvious coming from me. Lol. Anywho, I ship these two like FedEx! The combination of chaos and order just hits the feels for me. You can't have chaos without order and you can't have order without chaos. Discord's a goof and takes things too lightly whereas Twilight views the world through serious goggles. They both stand to learn from each other and challenge each other to grow as individuals. That natural balance is so fun to play with, especially in my long-running novels.

Through give and take, they can bring out the best qualities in each other. That ever fluctuating give and take led to my TCARW headcanon of Twilight and Discord joining together to become what amounts to the rulers of balance in Equestria. Did I say that out loud? Where one is strong, the other is weak and vice versa. That makes them the best couple for me! :pinkiehappy:


by Mercedesstar

Another glaringly obvious one. What else were you expecting from me? Flim and Applejack go together like Apple Pies and Autumn. Something about this pairing never ceases to make me smile. Flim just seems like a reedeemable kind of guy. He's messed up, but he's not evil by nature. He's a family guy, AJ's a family girl, so they share a connection there. Plus, you can't deny they're adorable together. :rainbowkiss:

Pinkie with ?

You might just fall off your unicorn here, but . . . I'm not actually sure I ship Pinkie and Cheese anymore. :twilightblush: Yes, I'm serious. After writing CheesePie so much, I've really come to the conclusion that they make better friends than they do lovers. All the tension, all the conflict and struggle in their relationship I had artificially through Cheese's backstory. To me, that's not much of a ship.

Maybe it's my natural aversion to all things fluffy and silly, but I really don't like their interaction these days. Yeah, they have fun together, yeah they understand each other, but does that make them romantically compatible? Meh. I'm really not convinced these days. Really not. I honestly think they have a better relationship as friends. They encourage one another and lift each other up, but more in a platonic sense. Still a sweet and meaningful relationship, but not of the romantic variety.

Here's one idea I had . . . Now, it's just an idea, I honestly have no freakin' clue who I'd ship her with yet. So convince me! :flutterrage:

by LittleDarkDragon

Moving on . . . .


by Evehly

Yes, I'm a horrible person for abandoning Bulk, but I have seen the light! This is my newest ship and probably my second favorite next to Twicord. I LOVE this pairing! Oh my stars. Imma fangirl now. [Squeee!] This is sooo fun. Flutters can have her reformed villain and Twi can still have Discord. It's a win-win from my point of view. Poor Sombra gets next to no characterization in the show. I don't consider the comics canon. So, he's got a lot of potential I can work with as a writer.

Sombra's already serious and that's my specialty! I love being able to write a character serious without getting scolded for it not being canon. I imagine he'd be a lot harder to reform than Discord and never really make it all the way. Still, I see his relationship with Flutters as being really genuine and heartfelt. Flutters would help encourage Sombra to be a kinder, more empathatic person while he would challenge her to step out of her comfort zone without overshadowing her. My main problem with Fluttercord is that Discord's personality is just too loud and he would end up supressing Flutters in an unhealthy way.

I can't get enough of these two right now. I'm on a shipping kick. Woooo!


by Kell95 (also the cover for my Trenderdash short)

I am one of the few people in all the fandom that enjoys this pairing. I dunno. It's hard to explain why it works, but to me it does and does well. Rainbow's cocky, so's Trend. But Trend's quicker to acknowledge his arrogance than Rainbow which I think would encourage Rainbow to do the same. Trend is fond of "girly" stuff and Rainbow's a tomboy. My headcanon is that Rainbow was raised by her Dad and Trend was raised by his Mom. Anywho, in that sense, their personalities balance each other out.

Trend travels around Equestria and so has Rainbow. Thing is though, Trend travels alone and is okay with it. Rainbow travels with friends. I get the impression that Rainbow has a fear of abandonment. Thus my headcanon that her mom left her when she was young. Trend has the capacity to be loyal and I believe he could help Rainbow overcome that fear of abandonment and grow as an individual. Trend is rather emotionally centered and romantic whereas Rainbow is practical and physical. That balances them out again. So, I really have no idea why people don't consider this ship more often. It works.

Rarity with ?

My last unknown ship. I have no idea who I want to ship Rarity with or if I even want to ship her. All I know is that I DON'T ship her with Spike. That's just creepy. [shudders] Rarity is one of those individuals that is incredibly hard to ship. She's got so many layers to her personality and the type of personality that makes me wonder who would work best with her. Convince me, folks! Convince me . . .

Other Random Ships! (Too lazy to explain them, but I think they're sooo cute)

Loppidy I blame you and your fabulous art! :raritycry:

By sp415. The cuteness has doubled!

by Foxmi

So, what are your favorite straight ships? Why do you ship them?

Comments ( 28 )

Fluttermac. Two shy ponies together is the cutest. :rainbowkiss:

I don't delve much into the world of shipping... and my opinions have changed sense the last time I was asked this question. But I do have to say... DerpyHooves ... DoctorHooves... holy crap their names are too similar... DoctorDerpy is one of my favorites.

I have also seen some good CelestaCord and FlutterCord stories (However... I don't like FlutterCord as much... it's almost pedophilia *shudders* )

Because of your story I like SombraShy XD

And I do fully support CheeriMac

Pinkie? Hmmmm.... Yes, Cheesepie doesnt balance out very well. I mean, their both fun loving ponies who'll do almost anything for a laugh.

Honestly, we don't know the characters very well, but if I had to say, I'd say... Mac. He's a quiet calm character who doesnt speak much but when he does its for a gooooodddd reason. [See PonyVille Confidential]

He'd balance out the hyperactive Pinkie Pie and make sure she doesnt get herself into too much trouble. She'd also balance him out, being the crazy mare that she is. He's laid-back where she's fun loving.

He's logical(Not Twilight level logical, but still!) where she's... odd. I don't want to use crazy, but honestly, where does she get all her energy!

He gets angry when pushed [See Ponyville Confidential and Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000] And she gets sad when abandoned or pushed[See Party of One]

Honestly, Pinkimac balances itself out but the personalities aren't complete opposites in my mind. He doesnt mind fun, where in my mind an opposite of Pinkie would hate fun. (Also my head canon is that they were childhood sweethearts Pinkie had a crush on him.

So thats why I ship Pinkimac. :P

I ship trended shores and saying that join my group trended shores only if you want to

I'm actually on-board with most of your ships, such as Flimjack, Sombrashy, and definitely Twicord. That sweet, sweet Twicord. Yeaaaah. :rainbowkiss: I still ship Pinkie Pie with Cheese Sandwich, though, because to me they seem like that one cute couple that just lives happily ever after (something I desperately need in my catalogue of ships with emotional turmoil). As for Rainbow Dash, I hold strong to the idea that Dumbbell is her true husbando despite how cute she is with Trenderhoof. I actually ship Trenderhoof with Trixie

Rarity. Right. Fancypants is perfect for her, I'm tellin' ya!

Rarity is a drama-llama. Everything she does tends to get overblown, whether it's an artistic passion or a mental breakdown. She wants to fit in with the Canterlot Elite most desperately. Fancypants, on the other hoof, is a really grounded guy. Super calm, super nice, though kind of isn't proactive about the underhanded cattiness going on in Canterlot. Instead he chooses to ignore it and defend Rarity. He has a high social standing, but I think he would find Rarity fascinating with her genuineness. As it says in the MLP guidebook, "he views lower class ponies as novelties but bears no ill will toward them"
:rainbowwild: That's. . .hilarious. So while they are different, Rarity and Fancy are both exceptionally generous. I see it happening. Definitely. He's probably, like, way older than her, but it works!

I don't really have much to add since I'm open to all ships. But of course I have my favorites, but I'm not gonna try convince you into anything.

FlashLight is still my Twi OTP, despite your great works.

DumbellDash is my RD OTP, I blame Lopoditty.

Like you, while I love CheesePie to death, I think PartyPie (Party Favor and Pinkie) works even better, I don't even know why.

Sparity is cute, in a guy's first crush kinda way, but my Rarity OTP would have to be RariBlood.

You already know my AJ OTP is Flimjack, but I gotta admit, Thunderjack is kinda cute too.

I don't really ship Flutters with anyone, I blame that on my bias against her, but, and this just came to me and I don't know how it would work, CaraShy. (Caramel)

I like DerpTock! It's a shipping based off an audio series I watch called Doctor Whooves and Assistant. It's so cute and yet it makes so much sense! img00.deviantart.net/8732/i/2015/044/6/2/derptock_by_laurcia144-d8hshsw.jpg
Tick Tock is serious, smart, and an inventor, yet he's from the past trapped in the present. He cannot show any emotions through facial expressions due to an incident as a colt. He came out of a time era which was in war, and when he was younger was teased for the inventions he made (even by his own [adopted] brother). He can be stubborn at times, and he can be very skeptic, he's easily annoyed, and he can get very sad at times.
Where-as Derpy/Ditzy is very bubbly and upbeat. She's loves everything and can always find the good in everyone. She's easily hurt and upset, clumsy, can get confused easily, easily annoyed, and can become depressed by the simplest of things.
The reason I can't see DocDerp working is because in this certain audio series the Doctor is a very goofy guy, he cracks jokes all the time, and doesn't stop talking, he is violent when pushed too hard, depressed deep down, and can get very, very, angry. I don't find him right for Derpy though due to the fact that most of the time he's cheerful and bubbly himself. Where Tick Tock is more serious.
I think DerpTock is an excellent pairing because Tick Tock and Derpy can help one another. Derpy can help Tick Tock be less serious, and Tick Tock can help Derpy be more serious. Tick Tock can also help Derpy feel less clumsy and useless, and likewise with Derpy helping Tick Tock feel less depressed about his losses.
URGH! It's just such a good ship! Though I understand that DocDerp could work canon wise and that Doctor Whooves and Assistant is just a fan made audio drama. But, it's just so good! URGHHHHH! Excuse me while I fangasm. iambrony.steeph.tp-radio.de/mlp/gif/Fangasm.gif
*Ahem* Anyways, rock on!
P.S Thanks for reading my rant...

MAC/DASH. Deal with them shits.

3375577 People need to stop labeling Fluttercord (and by extension, Twicord) as pedophilia.

Pedophilia = An adult with a romantic interest in a child

Fluttershy = not a child

Discord is ageless, really. Eternal youth and immortality. Or at least longevity like the Elves from Lord of The Rings. :duck:


Twicord: They're pretty good together, though I don't ship Twilight with anyone. She's married to her books.

Flimjack: Never thought about it until your story came along, but I love it!

Pinkie Ship: Cheesepie: As long as they're in a positive relationship, I don't care if they're friends, lovers, or whatever else. Pinkie and Double Diamond: Never thought about this one, either. Might I ask why you think they'd work as a couple? I'm curious.

Sombrashy: Uh...? Isn't Sombra made of shadows? And kind of dead? Still, I'm game to try it. It sounds like it might work.

Trenderdash: Definitely works, in a weird sort of way. You make good points. Don't know why I never thought of it. Hop on in and join Flimjack on the OTP train, Trenderdash!

Rarity Ship: Not sure about this one, but I always disliked Sparity. Spike is a child and is even referred to as a baby. Regardless of how dragons age, it's more than a little disturbing. If Rarity was to meet her match, I think it would be a down-to-earth, straight-forward guy that could snap her out of her drama queen moments and help tone down her manipulativeness, but also having a fun, laid-back side to coax out Rarity's own.

As for me, I don't really ship anyone actively outside of some of these. I'm not a big shipper, but I do enjoy some here and there. Even so, most of my ships are friendships.

For Pinkie, I ship her with Party Favor. While I have the headcannon that Pinkie and Cheese would stay good friends (CheesyPie doesn't really do it for me, mainly cause they're similar in a sense.) I enjoy shipping Pinkie with Party Favor on the fact that while they're both party ponies, there are more differences between them than Pinkie has with Cheese. I see Party Favor as a more sheepish/humble party planner who's mostly quiet, but still loves making other ponies happy. Plus I love pairings that pair a quiet guy with a bubbly girl, I think it's cute.

Also this.

I ship Bicepshy cause well, it's Bicepshy, super dreaming adorable.:rainbowkiss:

Applejack I ship with Thunderlane, this is mainly due to headcannon. I like seeing Thunderlane as a sheepish lazy guy, but once told he can't do something, or he sets his mind to a goal, he'll go to town to reach that goal, something Applejack can admire. The two would have fun little competitions to see who's better at stuff, and have a good time together. Also I just love the color scheme, orange and black is awesome.

Also I ship Flam X Cherry Jubillee. Like Ms.Brook, I don't use the comics as cannon. In my headcannon Flam is actually Cherry's husband, who's been on the road with his brother so that they can get rich so his wonderful wife would never have to work again, though the means of getting rich aren't great. Cherry doesn't care about working though, she just wants her hubby home.

Lastly, Flim X Trixie. I can see the two traveling together for a stages how or something like that and bonding over how great the both of them are.

ARGH! So many comments to reply tooooo. :raritydespair:

3375577 Yeah, Derpy x Doctor stories/artwork is just too cute! :rainbowkiss: Something about those two together makes me smile.

3375622 Wow. :rainbowderp: I never thought about Pinkie x Mac, but you make some very solid arguments! I like the idea of them having a similar appreciation for fun and from what you said they do balance each other out. I don't think a complete opposite of Pinkie is the best choice for her. She's not Twi. She'd go crazy with someone soooo different from her.

3375633 Ooooh! That's a really unique ship. It makes sense in a way and sounds like it'd be a fun story to read. :pinkiehappy:

3375646 True true. I do think Rarity would be cute with Fancypants. Just, I dunno . . . doesn't have much of a snap. If that makes sense . . .

3375681 Interesting. Those ships are pretty popular! I can see why they would be fun. ^^

3375707 Daweeee. That there is PRECIOUS. :rainbowkiss: If I did canon with non-canon ships, that'd be one of them. XD

3375851 Well now. I see the potential to be sure! It sounds awesome actually. :pinkiehappy: They should write a story about that or something.

3375870 I get around the Discord is ageless thing because Twi is most likely long-lived as an alicorn. I don't believe any of them are ageless, but Discord and Twi have similar lifespans in my book.

3375877 Yeah a down to earth stallion would be perfect for Rarity, wouldn't he? Also, I have no idea why I picked Double Diamond. He had pretty art. :raritystarry: Lols, I didn't have much of a thought process there. Just a very random, base-less idea.

3375885 Ooooh! You've got some interesting headcanon to be sure. I like your Thunderlane x AJ headcanon. That's so adorable. :3 Yeah, Party Favor would come closer to fitting with Pinkie than Cheese. Though, I don't think he's quite right for her either. :applejackunsure:


Meh. They aren't complete opposites, and Pinkimac existed for me even before Pinkie Apple Pie.

3376941 Lol, I know. I meant that I liked Mac with her because he wasn't her complete opposite. On reconsideration I worded that reply poorly. :rainbowderp:


Whoa, whoa, i know, don't worry! :twilightsheepish:

I was just saying that they aren't complete opposites. In fact, I have one pinkimac kid on my sketchbook program.


I say Rarity with Big Mac ALL THE WAY! Rarity likes to glamorize everything she can, and Big Mac's a workhorse (pun intended :ajsmug: ). She might think of him as a "project stallion", if you catch my drift. :raritywink:

On the note of Fancy Pants, I think it would be funny to see the insanity of FancyPie……. :rainbowlaugh: As some older folks like to say: "(Romantic) Love is where you want to strangle your significant other, but you can't because you would miss them too much."

EDIT 9/20: We've seen some potential for RariMac in "Filli Vanilli". Just watch the way they act in the first half. :raritywink:

I have been pondering the Rarity thing for quite some time, in the show she has shown common interest in Princes, and famous ponies, like Trenderhoof, By the way I loved your little story were you had Trenderhoof and Maud together. Any way, I think that the best choice for Rarity is a Beauty and Beast kind of relationship. She thinks she wants a handsome and refined Stallion, but instead she falls for a ruff and gruff Stallion. Perhaps a wild photojournalist. Sadly there is no pony has been created to fit the bill tho.

Oh, almost forgot, love love love, the FimJack, looking forward to a continuation to the story Honest Life. OMG, just thought of it, How about FlamRarity. The more I think of it the more I love the thought of Flam and Rarity hooking up, If you keep the FlimJack and have the FlamRrity, Rarity would be Applejacks sisters. What fun! Think about it.

3376788 Wow! You reply to all your comments! Please! Take me under your wing! You, madam, have gained MORE of my respect! Plus, I just thought of a pretty interesting ship indeed. BloodPie. Just think about it...Pinkie could take an uptight stallion like Blueblood and make him less of a jerk!

3376788 LOL! I think it's really just the sort of "Opposites Attract" kind of thing. I mean, you have the smartest pony in equestria with what seems like the simplest XD

Umm... well... hmm...

This is a tough one. I actually don't have a set of OTP's, I feel :raritydespair: now. Ok now I'm over it.

I don't get overly attached to ideas but I do have soft spot for redemption characters. So yeah Flimjack seems lovely but I think I prefer Fluttercord. But I think it's just because I prefer the pair as character's than any real serious thought with them together.

If lightning strikes and I realise what's my true favourite I'll let you know.

I'm not a big shipper. I don't think about it all that much, mostly I just enjoy some stories when I see them, but don't seek them out too much.

But I'm actually rather fond of CheesePie. I think it was the first one I read of yours.

I can see them as people who are very similar, but just different enough to complement and enhance, with Cheese being more spectacular but (emotionally) more distant, and Pinkie being more reserved (somehow) but emotionally warm. I think there's something interesting in exploring Cheese as the wacky-zany one that actually has a hard time connecting with others because they like him mostly for his zaniness, rather than for him as a "whole package", and Pinkie, who can come off like that but managed to cement some very deep friendships.

There's another recent blog post by Sketcha-Holic whose interpretation of Cheese is as a naturally shy boy who goes out of his way to be outgoing.

I am sorry but I can't see pinkie with any other stallion but Cheese. Because most of the time I ship her with mares and Cheese would be the only stallion she could ever love. Any other stallion would just hurt her. So she is either with Cheese or another mare I actually kinda like Cherry jubilee with her. I am sorry you dont ship them any more i guess if you are going for unusual ships because of your pickings there i guess pinkie and donut joe. what do you think of pinkie/donut joe?

Sparity was my first ship, but with the obvious age differences along with life expectancy it takes on a doomed pallor and creepy element. Never mind that I really feel that the cross species thing is probably an issue regardless. I mean spike has only known ponies except that one outing so that's his framework, but biped-quadruped is a rather big shift for physical attraction at least. That is in my mind at least a part of how someone starts to go the romantic route.

Big MAc and Cherilee is one canonish ship I like a lot, partly because I really enjoy how it started, in a very Hitch style.

I enjoy disastershippings.

Sombrashy intrigues me a lot.

I think it would be fun to ship Luna with Tirek's brother. I have no idea how, but it would be cool to have him show up in the main show.

I am curious about your mention of the comics though, since seeing as you work a lot with major headcanon so I don't understand why comic canon would matter anyway. (haven't read Sombra's fiendship is magic yet, though the synopsis I listened to didn't seem to negate the plausibility of a dark Sombrashy being possible.)

I don't know why, but I never shipped Rarity with anyone until the season five opener came out. I now ship her with Double Diamond just because I think the two of them would be cute together. I don't know...I'm just weird like that xD. I like CheesePie but if I had to choose someone else for Pinkie other than Cheesie, it would be Party Favor.

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