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A fan of animated movies of all kinds. A fan of Transformers. A fan of MLP:FiM. I'm Henry101, nice to meet you!

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It feels...weird · 9:18am Sep 6th, 2015

Having to write nothing, having no new chapter to write, it feels...weird, and a little sad, actually. And knowing that this year is my final year at high school and that I won't be able to write for almost an whole year makes me feel even sadder :fluttercry: I feel I have nothing to do here...for now. Hopefully, on summer 2016, I'll return to writing even better than before :rainbowdetermined2: But for now, I'll just keep logging in and feeling the writing nostalgia :pinkiesad2:

Report Henry101 · 80 views · #nothing #writing #weird #sad
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Comments ( 13 )

Well, you can make notes for new stories and plan them. And you can read other stories. For example mine. But I know, how you feel. Good luck during your final year.

3372624 Thanks. I'm already planning the sequel, but I'm gonna wait until season 5 is over, because I want to see Fluttershy's brother, the Cutie Mark Crusaders' Cutie Marks, and probably Cadance and Shining Armor's baby. Plus, I wanna see what is Starlight Glimmer's fate, and if I can use her in the sequel.

That is a smart idea. Hang on, Fluttershy will have a brother?! :twilightoops:

3372995 Umm, yeah, it was confirmed at Comic Con.

I was not present there. Anything else I missed?

3373008 I wasn't there, either, but I heard about it. And yes, you missed a few things, like Sunset Shimmer may end up returning to Equestria, and the Season 5 finale will revolveaaround what if the first Sonic Rainboom never happened, featuring Starlight Glimmer as the finale's villain, of course.

I knew the Starlight and what if Sonic Rainboom thing as well. I guess, a time travel will take place.

3373080 That's for sure :moustache:

Yup. I am curious, what will happen.

3373099 I have a guess what will happen. After Starlight stops the Rainboom, she will have to deal with the consequences of her evil deed: The villains. Nightmare Moon, Discord, Chrysalis, Tirek...and eventually, Starlight will have to become the hero and try to reassemble the Mane 6 and undo the change she made in the time line. But, as the time line goes back to normal, no one of the Mane 6 will remember what Starlight did. So, she leaves her town and decides to become a good guy and befriend the Mane 6. What do you think?

A cool idea. I have a similiar thing in mind. Also we would see, if the Mane Six were destined to become the mane six or not.


if the Mane Six were destined to become the mane six or not.

Of course they were, but a change in time line is something ...unexpected. I don't know. Maybe because they were destined to be the Elements, then undoing the change in time line will be very easy.

It is still possible.

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