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Dank Memes (Rating: Teen) · 1:22am Sep 6th, 2015

Generic Human 1

Body flops:

Parrying dagger is a meme:

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Dude, I use the Fire Longsword with the Leather Shield and Knight Armor, whilst being a generic white female character.

Generic white male with the Sun Sword, Drangleic Shield, and Faraam set.

Sunlight for LIFE!

>raw crypt blacksword +5 enchanted with dark weapon in right
>defender shield +5 in left
>bionicle helmet
life's gud on the main account :]

hideous looking deprived soul level 1 fisting is the only way to play dark souls 2 without looking like a casual

and then you boost your soul memory to max and shame havelmages by outplaying them

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