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Great Yesterday and today...again! · 3:07am Sep 5th, 2015

Sorry for not updating the other night folks, but a lightning bolt disabled our internet temporarily. Nasty things, those thunderstorms you american followers of mine have here. You should discipline them better.

But never mind, here's the story of yesterday, so if The Judge and Rustybucket would kindly calm down please, and if Night Mare Moon and Normal and Keam please put down their churros, I'll begin'

So, me, my little bro and his girlfriend, and my best friend, got dropped off at Aquatica yesterday while mom and dad went to have their own fun - not that kind, Praetorious, you little hornbull XD - and while my mate went to sunbathe i decided to have a go on the Roa Rapids.

Now, the Roa Rapids water depth, it's about 3 feet deep. I am 6 foot something. So i didn't bother to swim the damn thing. Instead, with the flow of the water pushing me along, i literally WALKED around the whole circuit. I had people looking at me with looks that seemed to say, 'is that skinny but slightly muscular good-looking British twit seriously walking in the rapids?'

Now, how many times did I go around the Roa Rapids?

20 times

During the first ten times i was trying to get out but with the fast flow of the rapids it's quite difficult to reach the exits. XD The eleventh attempt was when i gave up and literally went with the flow until i figured out how to get out without the currunt whisking me around again. XD

But it wasn't all bad. See, during my journey i came across kids who were getting separated from their families because they couldn't handle the rapids, so i wound up keeping close to them until we reached the exits, and then nudging the children to their waiting parents who thanked me for helping them out. When i myself got to one of the exits, i ended up hanging around the exit reaching my arm out to folk who needed help getting out. i helped around seventy people that day, and the child of one family i helped unite with each other has even subbed to my YouTube channel - good thing i took my UniqueSKD shirt with me :)

As for today, it was my little bro's girlfriend's birthday today, so we went back to Universal Studios to celebrate it. We all went on the new Despicable Me ride, and had another go on the Transformers and Simpsons rides, which were still both awesome.

And as a small bonus, i was able to purchase the last four ponies of the Mane 6 at a stall, so now i have all six characters of the main MLP plushie cast, so when i get back home i'll try making some funny live-action videoes. Hee hee hee!!

Oh, and also when i get back home, my family will be picking up a new dog my mom has gotten for herself, so there's gonna be three barking furballs to be returning home to, i guess. XD I've been missing my little jorkie buddy, and can't wait to see his brown button-like eyes again.

Let Twidashloverxox i said hi with a kiss! And all my love to you guys and gals too!


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Ooh, didnt expect to get mentioned!

And a churro?

DOnt Mind if I do!

*noms churro*

I'm taking the churros and I'm standing on the table! What are you gonna do now!?

are the plushies for me? :raritywink:

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