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Green: Interlude 12 · 12:03pm Sep 2nd, 2015

So, I just wrapped up a conflict that has been affecting the story since chapter five.

173w, 6d ago

Yeah... it's been a while.

I should probably slap a spoilers tag on the rest of the blog. So...

Warning, the following will be spoilers on everything relating to Green from chapters 5 through the current chapter.

Still with me? Okay.

So, Twilestia and Twinkie.

These are two of my favorite Twilight ships, for similar reasons. Pinkie and Celestia, you would think they were too different to be compared, but they are both incredibly altruistic, to the point of self-abuse at times. It can be very difficult to value other's happiness over your own. In Celestia's case, even maddening.

But we'll get to her in a second. Let's begin with Pinkie.

I've gotten a bit of criticism for her characterization, and I can understand that. My interpretation of her is extremely innocent. She has a very simple goal in life: bringing joy.

To complicate... everything, the way I have written her, she was not really aware that love complicates that goal.

Making love is a joyful act. Kisses and snuggles are likewise wonderful. Being a Pinkie Pie, having discovered these things with one friend, the first thought wasn't: this is a private thing. It was: this is great!

Further adding to the conflict of Twinkie was how I wrote Twilight.

Oh, Twilight. I really screwed you over. A failed confession at an impressionable age, a confession to the immaculate goddess of the sun, no less.

Yeah, she was doomed.

Twilight had a problem. Her heart wasn't really her own from that point. It was walled away in a garden, and the walls were very high (to steal a line from a far better author). But then there was Pinkie. Joyful, confusing, infuriating, adorable Pinkie. So very unlike her mentor, more approachable, infinitely more impressionable. But a crush? No, it couldn't be that. Her heart was safe, not to be hurt again. A crush was impossible. But lust... it could be that. So, study.

As it turned out, there was a lot about lust to learn. And Pinkie was glad to help... but regardless of how much Twilight had studied, actually making love made her heart beat against the walls.

And so, she had failed. She couldn't even allow herself to lust after Pinkie safely.

But... Princess Platinum could.

The costumes were Pinkie's idea, and Twilight latched onto them like a life raft. It wasn't really her, but it was. It was just enough separation that the horrible wounded creature inside the walls left her alone. And so she discovered joy. Things were fine, for a time.

Then, Pinkie talked with Rarity.

Thus Twilight was doomed again.

Rarity showed Pinkie what she’d suspected, but hadn’t quite known how to put to words. She loved Twilight, but it didn’t feel quite right. Being a Pinkie Pie, she looked for simple solutions. Break up, start over fresh. Find more in common with Twilight in hopes of becoming closer. All ways of seeking that closeness that Rarity and Fluttershy had even without being marefriends.

Pinkie was doomed as well.

Twilight had to confront her feelings for Pinkie, and the idea terrified her. Loving Pinkie meant she could get hurt, but worse, it exposed Pinkie to being hurt. And eventually, she panicked and ran away for fear that she was doing just that.

Enter Celestia.

Twilight’s fear and pain brought back memories in the form of nightmares of her failed confession. This naturally caught Luna’s attention, who brought her sister in to end Twilight’s nightmare cycle. In the process, Celestia found out the reason for Twilight’s difficulties.

Celestia was doomed.

She tried to help them, but she was so conflicted on how to deal with this revelation that she began to go just a little mad.

Three ponies, so very different, but connected.

It’s been a long way to bring them together, but god it’s been fun.

Comments ( 11 )

All of these ponies are doomed. :pinkiecrazy:

Sing it with me guys! The Doom song!

You all know the words. :pinkiecrazy:

So with that resolved, how many chapters would you say are left?

3364420 Oh dear. You think I plan these things, don't you? Um... I'll just reiterate what I've said in the past.

Green continues at a steady pace, and will continue to update on the 1st of each month until one of two conditions are met:

1. The story is completed to my satisfaction.

2. The Last Trump.

3364448 It's the story that just keeps going and going and going.

3364477 It's the journey, not the destination that matters.:pinkiehappy:

3364558 True, but in some cases finishing is the best feeling of them all. :trollestia:

3364585 Each chapter is a finish, each arc, a bigger finish.



:pinkiecrazy: This is the fic that does not end!
:pinkiehappy: Yes it goes on and on my friends!
:pinkiesmile: One day I started reading it, not knowing what it was,
:pinkiesad2: Now on the first of every month I'm reading more because,
:pinkiecrazy: This is the fic that...

3367729 I see what you did there. And I respect you for it.


Although Pinks is infinitely more awesome and snuggleable than Lambchops.

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