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Nagi is probably dead

*finger guns and nervous laughter*

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    Life update blog. Things are simultaneously going very well and very horribly.

    The school's started working with me to get the club going, planning on it coming about in a few weeks actually. Currently just pulling together materials for the interest meeting and first official meeting.

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    I've recently gotten sick, so I guess my physical health has decided to go the way of my mental health. Ha.

    I'm not okay.

    Listen, I've been struggling to find a reason to come back to this site. My Discord tag's Nagi#0183. Contact me there if you want.

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The Worst Creepypasta Ever · 4:55pm Sep 1st, 2015

I'm thinking that this is actually a trollpasta. :trixieshiftright:

january 9 1987 what was it tommorow i venture in the cave i dont know what to expect but if anyone finds this journal im dead john terry missing since 1987. jounel entry #1 january 3 1792 im finaly in a new state i just cant wait until i finish my log cabin. journal entry #10 it was a monster that killed my mother a monster i tell you it had giant eyes long legs and a heart on its head but it has no head its just not there jackson mcarthy died due to severe mauling and blood loss. january 1 1733 i saw something in the woods i went to investagate i heard a scream something i had never heard before it set chills through my spine it jumped at me it ripped my arm clean off the pain was horrible in ways i can not describe i ran to the nearest town in new york i know im not gonna make it but i will never forget what i saw i call it the SHINGER. marcus mathang died by blood loss. january 5 1700 something terrible happened the people on board the mcathy were found dead i saw something crawl out of the ship something i saw in england but i must be just perinoid i should get to sleep. john doe missing since he went on a hunting trip january ? 1899 Im going to die today im going to shoot myself better to die than that beast if you are reading this tell lisa i love her. jack adams died of suicide all of the men who died were in ther 40s to late 50s so i know im gonna die because of tho goodbye crule world BANG BANG OH NO klaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa AHHHHHHHHHHkHHHHHHHHH SHING Mathew Toren died by ?


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Comments ( 13 )

3362675 To think, someone wrote this and thought it was good enough to put on Creepypasta.com. :facehoof:


I cannot stop laughing at the atrocious writing of this story! its pitiful!:rainbowlaugh:

Totally a fucking troll. :pinkiecrazy:

Ah yes, Time Travel Journal (I think that's the title, anyway). I hope this was a troll, because if it's an earnest attempt, than the writer is so screwed. Still, while this is definitely one of the worst objectively, it's just right for a comedy. It's short enough for the horrid writing and grammar to remain funny throughout, and the looks I get when I read it to my little brothers are priceless. So, yeah, hope this is a troll pasta, this is freaking hilarious, and I'm done here. Cheers :pinkiesmile:

3362700 5spooky3me. :twilightoops:
3362712 I agree. :rainbowlaugh:
3362730 Definitely.
3362763 Agreed. The original name was "It will kill tho"

3362878 oh, by the way, forgot to mention this: that story cannot be the worst creepy pasta. Why? Because this one is!

3364383 Yeesh, that's a bad one. Still, I would argue that its length puts it above "It will kill tho".

3379950 Hey, at least tho didn't feature incestuous child rape! At least tho didn't get repetitive incredibly quickly! At least tho didn't confuse being disturbing and being disgusting! Sure, from a technical standpoint, Time Travel Journal may be worse, but I still think that my story is far harder to sit through, and that's why I feel that mine is far worse.

3381817 I have to agree that it confused disturbing with disgusting.

Sorry, I've got to go deal with an old comment of mine on a pedophilic rapefic.

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