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Ammie Kindheart

New to the Equestrian world myself but aquainted a bit through my love, and RL husband, Pononimous. I love reading, cooking, music and writing now and then.

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    Merry Christmas

    Just thought I'd pop on to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Here's a bit of fun. Rudolph spotted... :pinkiehappy:

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    As promised...

    The final two chapters of The Hungry Eyes, are up and ready to read.
    I sure enjoyed this journey. Who knows maybe I'll dream up a sequel down the line.

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    It's a red letter day.

    It's a good day and I'm in the mood for awesomeness.
    So, two new chapters of The Hungry eyes are up today.
    Tomorrow we will have the final two chapters in this story.

    Has anyone guessed the identity of The Wolf?

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    A new chapter is up and ready for your enjoyment.
    What happens when a serial killer focuses his attention on Ponyville?

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    Chapter 8 - From this Day Forth

    This is where the story takes a chilling turn. Who is this evil one and does he walk among them?

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Yay, life is returning to our version of normal. · 11:38pm Aug 31st, 2015

Yes, the windows are all in and life begins to even out. Got to love that! It's amazing how much furniture and other things being out of place can mess with the flow of life.
On another note... Chapter 5 of The Hungry Eyes is out and ready to read. More magic, and mystery unfolds.

Report Ammie Kindheart · 259 views · Story: The Hungry Eyes · #Mystery #Magic #Zecora
Comments ( 7 )

Ah, yes, sweetheart... Normal... That's up for grabs but it's nice that our way of life has returned to a markedly less state of insanity. :rainbowlaugh:

I love your new chapter, sweetheart. It's awesome! Can't wait for the next one. :twilightsmile:

3361294 Thanks babe. I love the last chapter of MOLL. it's awesome!


Thanks, sweetheart, but don't forget Bardie and Emylia! I could never have done it without them. :heart: Thank you two so much! :heart:


Hey, Emylia! Hugs sweetie. :twilightsmile:

I will have to read your new chapter. ^-^

3361355 Ahh, you are correct. So sorry if my post earlier seemed to leave Bardie and Emylia out. My sincere apologies to both.

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