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School is in! · 6:33pm Aug 30th, 2015

Hey there Everybrony! Great to hear from all of my adoring fans! You know that I always appreciate your feedback and always have time for all of you!
School is going well on my end, the material is definitely a league above everything I've done before but the professors are nice. So far the courses seem deceptively easy and very test intensive which really worries me, but still I'm enjoying the free time I'm getting between classes and handling the workloads well. I just finished my first project where I have to resent on an article for fifteen minutes in PowerPoint (Something I'm really good at!) and answer some online questions for my classes. But other than that it's a lot of reading intensive stuff and preparing for the inevitable tests that will come crashing down on me.
For this Christmas me ad my family will be flying south for a week for some sunny beaches and warm weather so that's something to look foreword to if I manage to survive my new school. And despite my hectic nature of my life and a new videogame I've really gotten into Part 2 is coming along steadily. part of me is always worried if I can finish something of that size while the other half is telling me as long as I stick with it I'll be fine.
In fact I think I'll get a little writing done now to celebrate my first completed project. But first since I know that since you've been looking foreword to this all week FangDriver8 I've decided to publish the new entry of Twilights Journal with all the new stand powers it contains tonight to make up fro the late posting of Dreamweaver parts 1& 2 and spoiler alert it's a multi-parter so expect a lot more chapters where that came from!
Here's hoping you enjoy these little Blog Posts!


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