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A Question For Aftermath Fans · 11:20am Aug 30th, 2015

The next chapter, Shining Armor's, is at the halfway point. Now I can complete the other half and make it one chapter, but might take two to three days to finish. If you guys want, I can split it into a two part chapter and try to get this posted tomorrow

Choice is yours.

Edit: Alright, everybody says full chapter so full chapter it is.

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Comments ( 15 )

I lean towards waiting for the full chapter, but whatever you want.

honestly i am torn. i don't like cliffhangers, but i want more sooner, whats a greedy bastard to do

Me too. I vote for the full chapter. No rush

Finish it before posting

Full chapter.

Full Chapter, and is this one wil be more emotional? Don't take me wrong, i like the world building of this AU, but from my point of view i like the emotional most.

I'd say finish.

Emotional but also a twist

3357598 Emotional but also a twist

I don't like where this is going... Also I saw full chapter.

Full chapter I'd say.

Full chapter please!

I can wait for a full chapter.

I can wait for the full thing.

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