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Inside Out: A Thought · 11:10am Aug 30th, 2015

So, today, after many weeks of waiting, Inside Out came out locally. I had prior info that it was a well made film, critically acclaimed and all. Naturally I went in with high expectations.

I was wrongly informed; Inside Out wasn't a well made film.

It's a truly, truly beautiful piece of art. It utterly smashed all of my expectations.

See, this is what Pixar should have been making, the sort of artistic depth that peaked with Wall-E and Up, and not the rather shallow Cars 2, the underwhelming Brave, nor the mediocre Monsters University, no. Inside Out is the sort of film that touches upon your hearts, that really explores your mind (literally!).

To say more would ruin your experience, but it was a joyful, heartbreaking trip down the mind. I've never had so much tears since Frozen.

Really, go watch it. Now. It's worth nearly five years of going through mediocre Pixar films after another.

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