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Gonna try this whole writing thing again.

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Taking a few art requests for practice · 10:41pm Aug 28th, 2015

Hey all. As a lot of you know, I attempt art on the side of writing. Recently I've been adjusting to a new style of drawing and have yet to iron out all the kinks.

I offered to draw avatar pictures for some of my followers many moons back, but as I have gained a kit and kaboodle more followers, I thought it was time to offer again.

I'll be doing the pictures in my new style and colored traditionally. I don't have time for digital coloring as it takes me 5+ hours to do one picture. I take my time on them as I use drawing to RELAX and don't want to be stressed with time. So if you request, remember I'm slow. Don't expect it at a certain time, but rather be pleasantly surprised when it comes.

Here's some samples of what I can do.

Request order:

1. SixShooterOutlaw

2. AlphaWolf97100



5. Pencil Melody

If I have time/motivation . . .

Striving Scholar

Let me know below if you're interested and the OC you'd like me to draw for you. I need to know basic facts on personality, talent, a little backstory, all that jazz.


— Bluegrass

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Comments ( 32 )

No requests, you've already done my three OC's, but I just wanna say your awesome for doing this again.

3354352 I liked the second sample, could you do that one please?

Not sure if you would do mine, Bluegrass... :rainbowderp: :applejackunsure::ajsmug:

But if you can, be my guest, :rainbowkiss: :rainbowlaugh:

3354357 Well, I won't do that exact one, but I'll do something similar. I have no consistency. XDD

3354381 I'd like to keep this to just folks I haven't drawn anything for yet. To give the new people a chance to ask. ^^


Yooo! I literally just started watching you ^o^ could I possible get this pony drawn? Her name's Love Letter, and her talent is planning weddings. She's a socialite, hailing from Canterlot, but in casual settings she's pleasant, girly and with a sarcastic wit from the heavens. She can be a bit direct, but it's just her tough love.

She had a fairly normal upbringing, if a bit spoiled, but was cursed by Trixie when she got engaged to her ex (Trixie having been corrupted by the Alicorn Amulet), causing tragedy to befall her family if she got close to her fiance. Thus she and her brother moved to Ponyville, unaware the curse wore off after a few months.

.....okaaaaay, maybe I got a bit carried away? Hope that's enough info. I'd really appreciate it if you decided to draw her but no pressure~ I can't stand doing requests, I have so many things I want to draw for myself. So I think you're quite generous.

....oh and excuse the art quality...it's an old pic ^^;

I remember you drew one of mine a while ago, but if there's still room, could I make another request?

Hm... If you're offering...

How about an OC from my long story with a lot of screen time: Able Wing.

The second son of a count, he spent his time before his cutie mark worrying about his place in his family, wondering if he had any worth... Finally realizing he didn't have to be the next count to be of value or even great, and he wanted to contribute no matter what, he got his cutie mark: his family's coat of arms (which, perhaps frustratingly has no design yet. It's basic shape is the heater shield emblem though.) He grew from an uncertain colt to a confident stallion.

Colors: gray coat, Orange mane, swept up and back in a way resembling his hair being blown into place by the wind and sticking there. He uses a lot of product to get it to stay. Blue eyes.

Wears a neck adornment of some kind, either a tie or a cravat. Probably white.

Is well read and learned, and spends his time on politics, managing bureaucracy or family holdings. Doesn't have a "job" per se, as he is a noble, even if his big sister is the countess, but keeps himself useful.

General attitude is refined and helpful, slightly arrogant but aware of that as a potential problem. A good example of positive nobility.

... If you would prefer, you could instead draw him as a colt, still uncertain and working as a page.

Hey, as long as it's free. Just kidding, but still, I like your art. Do you have a da account?
Now I know this is a linkto my deviant art, but my tablet wouldn't let me link the pic directly:twilightangry2: The one I'd like you to draw is my ID pic, seeing as it's bigger than my avatar here. Thanks!
PS. Advertising wasn't my intention, but that's how it feels right now. :facehoof:
Edit: I missed the description part. You don't have to color it, but she's a RD blue with a brown mane and green eyes. Her cutie mark is a backwards treble clef being drawn by a pencil. Her personality is slightly shy, but very kind, compassionate and wise. She can be somewhat crazy and outgoing with her friends. Her talent is drawing, along with musical stuffs on the side.

I know this isn't Oc , but would you try drawing a shipping pic of pinkie x cheese x party planner ? I adore this three way ship but never find any fan art for it . If you could that would make my day ( night as the case may be ) as always Blessed be and happy writing !

3356364 Sorry! I'll make a mental note to respond to your stuff from now on.

I... just realized I left out his tribe. If the name "Wing" and the wind-swept status of his hair wasn't obvious, he is a pegasus.

... I wonder if I got it in before you started.

3356369 Lol, you have too much faith in my motivation. I have yet to do anything productive today . . . :rainbowlaugh:

Iiiiii was more worried about being demanding on a free thing you've volunteered to do.

No sense in kicking the gift horse in the teeth, as the saying doesn't go.

3354715 Finished! I had to modify her design quite a bit to get her to look nice in the style. Really thought the solid gold mane suited her better. I switched my style again, so that's why it's like this. Hope you like it none the less. :twilightsmile:

I changed the name to Moonlight Melody on deviantart so she wouldn't have the same name as Moondancer.


3365343 :heart::heart::pinkiegasp::yay: O.M.G. I love it! Thank You so much! (Srry if I sound super hyper...raspberry lemonade and Canada dry + box o' Twinkies = SUPER HYPER IVORY!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:) but seriously though, its AWESOME!!! And again, THANKS!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:


More than okay! I had looked at your samples and would have been disappointed if you changed. It's bee-yoo-tiful. Thanks much!! :heart:

Ok, cool, thank you for considering my request :pinkiesmile:. Let me know down the road if you'll be able to do it (not a problem if you can't) and i'll send you my OC's information.

3356381 Finally finished! So sorry for taking as long as I did. :fluttershyouch: I didn't draw the tie . . . Apparently I suck at drawing clothing. Urgh, need to work on that.


Here's the link to download.

The timeframe is okay. I know you have a lot of things going on.

It looks good! Thank you very much.

It's interesting to see the color choices given that I only gave broad details, and it turned out very nicely.

Don't worry about the tie too much, but if you're struggling it does seem to be something to practice with.

3354973 Hey there! Well, I decided that your lovely artwork was like a GAZILLON times better than mine! So. I went ahead and digitized your icon for you. I hope you like it. :twilightsmile:


Download link here.

It's beautifully perfect! :yay: I love it! Lol, I squealed out loud so much that the person sitting across from me asked and I was required to show it to her! She loves it too! :rainbowlaugh:
Thank you so so so much! :rainbowkiss:

3467644 So happy you like it! I think it's an adorable picture. ^.^ Your drawings are so precious.

3384575 Go ahead and send his info to me. I'm super busy right now, but I do plan on drawing him at some point for you.

Lol, except for Grin in the Dark. That one's a little creepy. :applejackunsure:
Lol, anyway. Thank woo :rainbowkiss:!

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