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Infinity Shade

Oh this sleepy little town, nearly ashes on the ground. I'll leave it all behind, even thoughts of you and I... So I tell you now; Goodbye :heart:

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  • 174 weeks

    I feel kinda bad but not really for not saying this earlier, but anyway, I've left this website. (Only saying this because of the PMs, that I sadly won't reply to because I do not want to use this website at all anymore.) If you want to find me, I'm on both DA and Instagram.

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    Art raffle!

    I was going to but totally forgot before haha! I'm holding a small art raffle over at DA, so check it out if you want the chance to win some free art!
    That's all, hope everyone's having a nice weekend!:twilightsmile:

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  • 185 weeks

    I don't even remember how long it's been haha:twilightsmile:
    As always, how is everyone? I should really reply to all those PMs that have piled upXD
    Anyway, some people have wondered why I'm gone, so here's an official little rant lol!

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    Art advice and WIP!

    Soooooooooouuu...first of all, JUMIN FROM MM IS MIIIIINE, just fyi.
    Anyway! I've stumbled upon a great thingy for learning art a few days ago so I thought it's be a good idea to share!:heart:

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    Hahahahahai again! (I'M ALIVE)

    I said I was going to be more active here and well....oopsie?:twilightsheepish::rainbowlaugh:

    Really doe, school is A SHIP this year! A ship full of responsibility and hawt guys!:trollestia:
    Seriously talking, I've been quite busy acting like the class rep, and getting ready to possibly apply to the student council board!:raritystarry:

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COME JOIN THE PARTY!!!!!!!!!! · 6:20pm Aug 28th, 2015

WE HAVE A PARTY CHAT ON SKYPE, WHO WANTS TO JOIN?????:yay::rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy::trollestia::pinkiehappy:

Report Infinity Shade · 221 views · #party
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Comments ( 21 )

ME! * raises hand in the air* oooohh pick me!

Skype parties are fun.

I'm already there

3353592 Then I need your skype username, or you can add me, I'm lazyinfinity6:yay:

3353620 Sure, though at the moment I can only type. :P My ID is wingmccallister

3353616 lol stop blowing up my phone guys im at work!

Turn off notifications for the chat.

Who's there?

Sigh, I'm at work. :pinkiesad2:

3353642 A bunch of people from fimfic, but we only type:pinkiehappy:

3353671 I'm on skype but I don't see anything that shows a chat room.

Add me (vitalsparkle) or Infinity Shade (lazyinfinity6) to your contact list, and we'll add you to the chat.

I'm so sorry I couldn't make it to the chat party but some things came up. We were supposed to be having new windows installed in our apartment building (most of which is done now) so we had to wait and be ready for that. First they were doing to do it today, then they were going to do it tomorrow, then they were back to today, now it's back to tomorrow. Yeesh! Anyway, my apologies for not making it. Hopefully we can do this some other time.

Well, the chat still exists and will continue to exist until all the members leave (or Infinity Shade kicks everybody out).

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