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How did I manage to accrue a freaking following of other authors?!

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  • 45 weeks
    I'm Still Alive, I SWEAR!!!

    It's been kinda (and by kinda, I mean INSANELY) crazy...
    Basics of what's been going on since my last post:

    1. Mom had to have a hip replacement surgery back in February.
    2. There's been a bunch of issues with Hubby and I, and now we're in couples counseling. Further, I'm seeing my own therapist for other, but related, issues.

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    6 comments · 84 views
  • 78 weeks
    I'm officially terrible at this...

    So it's been over three months. Let's see if I can briefly recap this...

    Good Things:

    • Hubby's no longer in Physical Therapy and he's walking without even a cane for assistance!
    • I still have a job.
    • Hubby has a better job, still within his company, that pays him more, and also gives us days off together.

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  • 92 weeks
    Coping with a B0rken Husband: Part the Second

    Has it been 7 weeks already?

    Feels like forever, or maybe only a week or two... not sure... But in any case...
    Hubby's doing much better now. He's gotten so I don't have to do everything for him, and he's even walking!!! (Though usually he needs at least a cane or a walker for support.)

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  • 100 weeks
    Coping with a B0rken Husband

    As I described in my last post, my husband spent the last week in the hospital. He's been home for a couple days, and while he's not able to do much for himself, I'm still infinitely grateful that he's home.

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  • 100 weeks
    So the Universe got me and Hubby an Anniversary Present...

    For those not keeping track, this last Monday (April 30th) was my one-year wedding anniversary with my darling dearest husband.
    Well... On the 27th (Friday), the Universe gifted us it's present... and I wanted to return it and punch the Universe in the teeth.

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Productive/Sleepless Nights... · 9:35am Aug 27th, 2015

So due to a build-up of fluid in my right middle ear, sleeping's not exactly been a thing that happens at normal times... So I spend a lot of nights staying up FAR too late talking to Sylvian and writing the sequels...

Hopefully, in the next day or so, I'll have Chase the Wind up. :yay: Next week, I'll be submitting Touch the Sky. After that? My update schedule is anyone's guess! :derpyderp2:

Now, I'm gonna pass out before my muse decides she wants to jump ahead and write for stuff that's going on presently in the Wonderverse timeline as opposed to where I'm at right now...

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Comments ( 3 )

*Looks at Memories of Midnight, looks at his muse, looks at Memories of Midnight. Sighs*

I feel your pain, Witch....my muse...does not pull punches.

Sorry for my lateness. But am I supposed to sympathise with you or rejoice that more is being done? I can't multi-task so choose now and forever hold your peace.


I'll take the sympathy. You can always rejoice later. :raritywink:

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