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"Of all the terrible batponies in the world, you're the least terrible."~PresentPerfect🐴Ponk & GlimGlam are best ponies🐴Text 714-496-3119 with the name of an MLP character to get a cute picture!

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    “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen” – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

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    Financial situation update

    Hey friends, enemies, and lovers, wanted to give you a quick update. Thanks to y’all‘s generosity and a small loan for my mom, I was able to pay rent and buy a new used car that’s basically the same as my car that got wrecked except a 1999 model instead of 2001 for a very very reasonable price and my friend’s dad who is an auto mechanic confirmed that despite 130,000 miles it’s still in really

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    Rush Limbaugh is dead!

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    I’m in Hell

    (please don’t share this, it’s from a movie that isn’t out yet, but the director said I could show my friends and family. y’all are my friends.)

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    Live streaming piano playing!

    Live streaming piano playing! Find me at Facebook.com/bryan.chandler.125

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Lauren Faust Returns · 5:17pm Aug 26th, 2015

So this is why my writing panel was cancelled...

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Comments ( 3 )

oh shit. What's gonna happening there? Is there going to be talk about Medusa?

Author Interviewer

That was my thought exactly when I saw the announcement on EQD. D:

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