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    Dramatic Reading plz?

    So I know it's vain as hell, but i frequently go back and reread my own fics. With repeated exposure of the same text to my eyes no longer doing it for me, I crave stimulation for my ear holes. Way way back I got a couple readings of Pinkie Pie is an Eldritch Abomination and always found it weird that THAT was the one that got the attention. It's definitely a...rougher example of my work (I wrote

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    Finally Trying My Hand at Clop. Cover Art Needed

    So, I caught wind of Dirty Little Secret's Dirty Little Contest and figured it was just the push I needed to try writing an actual clopfic. It will, of course, be an absolutely ridiculous comedy.

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    I Started a Blog! (A real one)

    So, after many years of people telling me I should do so, I've finally started a proper blog (only about 10 - 13 years late to the bandwagon). And yes, I mean an actual blog external to what you're reading on this site now. On Wordpress and everything.

    It's called "Science, Politics, and Ponies". I hope the title is pretty self-explanatory. If not, it's a mix of three things.

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    I guess I can say I've Written Erotica Now?

    Having grown very distressingly short on cash, I was just browsing through Upwork, looking for something that doesn't require a bunch of previously logged experience as a requirement and isn't buried in 50+ applications already. Eventually I came across this posting.

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  • 191 weeks
    Weird Fic Idea That's Stuck in my Head.

    So I've had this...odd idea for a small fic kicking around in my head for a while, and I may end up writing it soon if it keeps up. I imagine the only people who would enjoy it would be a very particular kind of fucked up, with most everyone else either just skipping it or downvoting it into oblivion.

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There's a blog thing here! Also, going to Everfree! · 9:35am Aug 2nd, 2012

I forgot this blog thing exists. May as well use it for something. So I am indeed going to Everfree Northwest. My name tag will not say "Ponyamorous" but I will instead be going by my main username of Scienceandponies. That was supposed to be a semi-secret when I started writing but I don't really care that much now. If you see me, say hi. I'll be the guy that looks like Harry Potter.

In other news, I've got tentative plans for a sequel to Then Tomorrow Came, but it'll probably be a while as I have to deal with moving, Everfree, messing with some PMVs, etc. I'm also going to be making some edits to the first chapter (maybe second) to make the pacing flow better and bring it up to speed with the rest of the fic in quality. Nothing will change plot wise though, so don't worry about having to reread it. I sent it to EQD but it got bounced back because they only read the first chapter and if that's all you read it does look like a poorly paced mess. I may also write separate story (maybe a shorter one) in between. I'm thinking a telling of the final battle between the royal sisters and Discord, and Luna's following corruption into Nightmare Moon. I hope it doesn't turn out that I can only write tragic/dark fics.

I will say that someone else is currently working on a sequel to Tomorrow and that I have the privilege of being involved in the editing process. It's going to take a much different path than my prospective sequel, but from what I've seen so far, it looks it will be a perfectly valid alternative. I'll be there to make sure it keeps the same feel.

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>sequel to Tomorrow
:rainbowkiss: So awesome!
But come on, we need more info than that. Author name? ETA?

Ah you deleted the other one. Hope you enjoy Seattle! Should be sunny right about now If im not mistaken, overcast season is just around the corner so ye have been warned.

265325 SerenityViewer is working on the other sequel (I hope that wasn't supposed to be a secret). No clue on his/her ETA, and even less idea on my own.


Now I have to finish it :facehoof:

As for the ETA . . . I have no idea. It will probably merge with Valve Time at some point and coincide with the Rapture.


I saw you, like, three times and I thought I knew you but I didn't know from where. Shoulda said hi. >.<

Whaaaaa? You totally should have! I kept wondering if anybody would notice me.


Did you notice me? ^_^ I think I saw you around three times, and I was staring at your badge.

No. I wasn't very acutely aware of my surroundings. Where were you noticing me? Ponystock? Random line?


Uh, in the elevator a few times. Were you in line for HDD? Maybe there?

And just walking.

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