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"It's not a phase Mom!" · 6:45pm Aug 25th, 2015

Just finished reading 'It's (Not) a Date' by Killbles. SO CUTE! :rainbowkiss:
FYI. Would totally recommend. Even if you don't like the ship, the story is beautifully written and captures the characters perfectly.

Anyway, just like any other overly hormonal man, this story struck a cord in my tender heart strings...
I can't stop reading SoarinDash.
Oh gosh.
Just one more...
and then another...
and another.
There is no end!!

Frankly, I blame Killbles for my current debacle.
If your story hadn't been so friggin' TOUCHING!!

It's just a phase...
something to tide me over till the next Applespike story comes out.


Like that's ever gonna happen anytime soon. :rainbowlaugh:
Unfortunately, Applespike season passed quite some time ago in this fandom.

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