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I'm a writer, science enthusiast, and a Christian. If you want a story you can read without worrying about language, you can be sure mine fit the bill.

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  • 217 weeks
    Music and Cheering

    Hello people of the world, YoungQuillMaster here. Today something happens that most if not all of you are not aware of. Today, I have once again grown a year older. So that's a thing that happened. For my trouble, I've gotten a bacteria in my lungs and revelation that I got scoliosis, though fortunately it is the non-life-threatening type.

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  • 221 weeks

    Well, once again the Earth has gone the long way around the Star we call the Sun, and what a whirl of a ride it has been. Four stories started, three of which are yet to be published, around twenty-seven chapters of Darkness of Ages, and a move started. I've had a whirlwind year, but all in all, it was a good one. So here's to another good year, and may times allow for me to get back to writing

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  • 224 weeks
    Sounds of Celebration

    Hello everyone, YoungQuillMaster here with an update. Now, those of you who read Darkness of Ages might have noticed a lack of a chapter, and there is a good reason, that being that last Saturday my family grew a bit. My sister gave birth to, which threw a wrench in doing anything but visiting with her along with the rest of my family. At the same time, I am still getting things in order to

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  • 226 weeks
    Veni Vidi Vici

    Well, I did it, I'm tired. I thought I had beaten NaNoWriMo a few hours ago, but it ended up my word counting system was off by about 2.5k or so, so I spent another hour and a half writing a chapter out of nowhere, and ended up winning despite the system not wanting me to. This month was terrible for writing, especially since I got the bomb of 'You're Moving' thrown on my lap at the first week of

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  • 230 weeks
    NaNoWriMo days are here again

    Hello everyone, Y.Q.M. here with a small update. Well tomorrow is the 1st of November, meaning that nationwide, people are going to be cracking their knuckles and getting down to business as they attempt to write 50k words in the month of November. I am going to participate once again this year with the hope that I will be able to reach the goal in an efficient manner. Last year's NaNoWriMo,

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Not the Best Circumstances · 7:28pm Aug 24th, 2015

Howdy there everyone, Y.Q.M. here with a short blog entry. To give some background, for the last few months my great grandma had been struggling with multiple problems that I can't truly recount since I never was really told. Yesterday evening, however, she passed away. Because of this, I'm flying out to be with the rest of the family, which will most likely put a damper on my writing. The plans are to stay over there for about a week or so, though I'm not entirely certain. This can mean that I won't be able to get a chapter out this coming Saturday. I just thought you all should be aware of what's happening. Until next time, which will hopefully come with better circumstances, this is Yong Quill Master, signing out.


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