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Have I mentioned I'm a huge dork about The Witcher as well? · 6:15pm Aug 24th, 2015

Purdy... :raritystarry:

They cheated like a mother-fucker since the silver blades used by Witcher's are supposed to be a silver plating over a steel core to maximize the life-span of the blade will still offering the monster killing potential of the far softer silver, not pure steel with a bit extra polish.

Still, purdy. Just not canon compatible and purdy. :twistnerd:

Jokes about earning my alias aside, I was actually slightly disappointed about that bit. One of the nifty parts about The Witcher universe is how gritty and real it is for a fantasy setting. When you're talking about —I don't know, Rebellion I don't expect an actually functioning replica with demonic powers and everything...

That's fair enough. Can't argue with reality, and all that.

Just seemed like a missed opportunity to really push one's craft and art to me, since the blades in The Witcher 99 times out of 100 are about as magical as,,,

Well, the replicas the Baltimore Knife & Sword people make.

Why make a look-alike when a rather tiny change would have made it an actual 1:1 replica? Doesn't make sense to me, even with the current cost of silver.

Still, slightly missed opportunity aside, cool stuff.

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Thanks for sharing that video, I love the Witcher series and those swords, I wonder what they do with them afterwards?


I think the smiting company/smiths 'just' keeps them as show-pieces.

Don't quote me on that, though, I couldn't find an actual source. It would make sense for such complicated and intricate designs, though.

You can take a peak at the official site if you wish to see some of their own non-fiction designs for yourself, however.

If it showpiece, it has a sense. Shiny shiny silver soon will become not so shiny, dull and, eventually, dark.


Eh, fair enough point.

Still, they do make stuff like silver polish for a reason, so its hardly an insurmountable obstacle even so.

You need a silver polisher to apply silver polish. They just do not wanted to bother. :derpytongue2:
I think sword can be galvanized with quite thick layer of silver for less than $100.

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