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Update and possible spark igniter · 10:40pm Aug 21st, 2015

So I am not a big fan of blogs, I try not to do them too often unless I really need to get my thoughts out. This is one of those times.

I am not going to lie, the creative spark for Road to Twilight is still there, but its just really low. I know what I want to write but I just can't get myself to sit down and write it as easily as I used to. So I think it might be time to take a break and try something else. Something that gets me writing again but won't feel as much of a pain to do so. So this is where I was hoping some people would read this because I have a fun idea and I need to bounce it off of someone or in this case, some people. Here is my idea for a new fanfic. (Don't worry, I will be getting back to Road to Twilight eventually. This is just a way to help get the creative juices flowing again.)

Equestria: Frontier
Six ponies live a large town. Each different with their own baggage and own creative abilities. The town is very large. Skyscrapers cover the town as busy ponyfolk aimlessly walk about, talking on their cell-phones or simply walking silently to their destination. All six ponies are like the rest, simply living each day without much of a thought. However, all their lives change when a strange signal comes through their cell-phones. After a bit of thought, each decides to follow the signal that leads them to meet in an old train station. After introducing themselves, a train arrives. The strange signal appears again on their phones, beckoning them to hop aboard. While hesitant at first, all of them slowly make their way on board. The doors close and soon they all find themselves being transported to an unknown location. The whole train suddenly goes dark as lights begin to flash outside. The six ponies flinch and close their eyes in fear, but soon light returns and the six open their eyes again. They look out and see hills and trees dotting the landscape, their town nowhere to be seen. The train eventually stops and the six reluctantly get off. They now stand in a small, slightly old looking town. The place is quiet and almost seems abandoned. A small faded sign sitting close by simply reads, “Welcome to Ponyville.”

This story is inspired by Digimon Frontier.
Each pony will have their own name and characterization but will share a similar trait to one of the mane six. All of them will soon begin traveling to learn about the fall of Equestria and what they can do to reclaim it. While also looking for a possible way home as well. If you have watched Digimon Frontier, you may guess that am also considering in terms of each pony temporarily turning into one of the main six for each character though a "evolution" or something. Just an idea I am throwing around, not sure if I will go with this idea or not. If you think this might be fun or is a bad idea or just want to throw your own idea into the hat, please don't be afraid to comment.

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I would like to see this.

*whistles inconspicuously* "--oh, hey. Don't mind me, just pouring gas-- I mean creative juices-- all over this idea". ... "'Why am I holding a burning flare?' you ask? No reason, just giving you some light to work by" *drops flare* *the sound of running and deranged maniacal laughter fades into the distance*:pinkiecrazy:

In all seriousness though, this sounds awesome. Just reading that gives me flashbacks to Antipodes. That is a very good thing.:twilightsmile: and if this is to reignite your muse for Road to Twilight, I will gladly pour accelerant all over it, and light the match.

Skyscrappers cover the town
when a strange single comes through their cell-phones
follow the single that leads
the strange single appears again

1. Skyscrapers.
2. Signal.
3. Signal.
4. Signal.

Oh yeah, I've seen Frontier... Personally, I thought the anime was somewhat... poorly executed. My main gripe was the goddamn transformation scenes. Took too long and for some reason, felt obnoxious to me. No idea why though when in comparison the previous three series were quite fine by me.

You also say ponyfolk and them using cellphones in your summary so I would like to ask, what are the tags for this story? Anthro? Or just regular ponies who learned to use their phones like how regular ponies do? While the anime was not that pleasing, I wouldn't mind taking a look at this story.

PS. Old habits die hard sometimes...

3338622 I didn't even notice that spell check was changing signal to single, thanks for pointing that out. As for the ponies with cell-phones, my idea is that the ponies are coming from a world more similar to ours. They have the more up to date technology. Where-as in Equestria, they only have a so much in terms of technology. Most of it being simply lights and indoor plumbing as far as I can tell from the show. Then again, we did see in arcade machine being used in the earlier episodes but I am going to omit that for now as we have yet too see TVs or computers in general. Seems I got a lot of world building to do.

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