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I could (potentially) be the owner of a business in the foreseeable future. · 6:04pm Aug 20th, 2015

Much to my shock the other day, I discovered that an old general store that was built in the 1910's just across the street from my Elementary school was for sale for like $120,000. I had always wondered about that property and now I may soon be running into enough cash to buy it outright, depending on a number of things. That part of my city just brings back so much nostalgia that just setting foot there again could probably work wonders for me, least of all starting up a new venture :pinkiehappy:

I could be smelling the beginnings of an empire.

Coffee shop? Book store? Comics and video games emporium? Tea room? Craft store? A bizarre combination? Something else?

Now, it's just a fantasy at the moment, but believe you me, the cogs and gears in my brain are spinning, just need to get the right people involved. It could come down to either this or college, or this then pay for college down the road.

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If you do follow this business venture, then I hope it works out! :rainbowkiss:
Tis quite the lovely store. Reminds me of a confectionery shop :scootangel:.

3334727 There's another possibility! :twilightsmile:

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