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Just letting you know · 5:45pm Aug 20th, 2015

Fast as lightning, sharp as a sword

Hey guys. Just wanted to let you all know that I might be making an attempt to advertise in The Shameless Self-Promotion Bureau again. I know they don't like me over there, but I'd rather risk the downvotes than fall into obscurity. Besides, I'm done worrying about downvotes. They don't matter anymore, and neither do the people who leave them.

I just needed you guys to tell me that. Thanks for reminding me when you could. I never did say this before, so I'm saying it now, to all those who reminded me that that lousy rating system is inconsequential.

Also, new intro and outro. Like it? Comment below if you do. :raritywink:


Stay quick, stay sharp, and thanks for reading!

Comments ( 12 )

I'm not much for your into, but your exit was awesome.

3334580 LoL, thanks. I kinda like the intro, though. I'll at least keep it for awhile, see if anyone else likes it. :twilightsmile:

I like your new intro and outro. I wish you the best of luck lightning but please don't end up how you were before, it tears me apart to seeing my friends getting depressed and then (well...yeah you know) all because of other FIM users who are just on here to be mean!


I... I'm sorry... but...

Why in the name of God do I keep thinking your intro is some sort of innuendo?! :twilightoops: My God, I am sick in the head... :twilightblush: (May our Lord and Savior Princess Luna [Praise Be Unto Her] have mercy)

Nice intro and outro dude.

Love the intro and the outro amigo.

No thank you for telling me that dislikes don't matter, stay awesome!

Nice intro an outro. Very catchy and fits with your name.

(Hugs tight)

Well the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate...

I'm glad you're not gonna let them get you down anymore, bro.

I just thought I'd better mention that seven days between promoting the same things is enforced in the SSPB. Just make sure you wait until at least the 22nd, and that'll be fine, though. That'll give everybody a chance to forget the last thread, anyway.

--Sweetie Belle

Kewl new exit! Like it, and I'm happy to hear about putting yourself out there!

They don't matter anymore, and neither do the people who leave them.

It's taken me a long time to figure that out, and I'm really happy to see you did too. :pinkiesmile:

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