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    get off this page i'm offline.

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    quick note

    happy halloween, can't spend it on fimfic though. (i spend none of my time on fimfic anyways.)

    i'll probably be on twitch or so.. no promises..

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    lol i played osu

    i managed to beat it.. on taiko. ;-;

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My First Dream In Years.. and I Was Rewarded With This? · 12:54pm Aug 20th, 2015

I have a dream..

..where i Was hacked.

<wall of text>

It started good, when i accidentally downloaded the source code for Geometry Dash 2.0. My kindle then died, and then I had to charge it. When it was finally charged, (i used my lucid dream powers to skip time) i found that there was a message saying: 2 Application Was Installed. I found this very strange because Kindles don't usually display messages that aren't in push notifications. When I pressed the 'ok' button, it took me to a data cleaner app interface. I Was freaked out a little, because i don't remember downloading these things. the apps were 'Minecraft' and 'craft.exe'. I went and tried to delete these, as i knew they were fakes. i already had Minecraft installed. When I pressed the 'remove from device' button, it took me back to data cleaner. my kindle crashed again, so i skipped 5 minutes of time, and found that 10 files were installed. **** Gets real at this point. nine of ten files were invisible, but i could CLEARLY see one. It's name was 'TouHoudevil'. i naturally got excited, because i Was a fan of TouHou. It was an audio file, and it was a tts voice saying...

I will teach you how to count to four in TouHou language.

I'm like, this is ridiculous! TouHou language is Japanese, digital Crapbag! The tts voice counted from one to four in english, then this next part makes me, even only typing the experience out, chills me to my very bones and below. The audio cut to voice files of two childlike screams, as if they were in pain. I immediately locked my kindle and went to my phone to text my friends about the experience. When I turned the phone on, the date said..

God, 0

Oh. ****.

I open my eyes into the real world to relieve myself.

I think i need to explain.

In my instantaneous dreams, i am blind. My brain recieves all of the information and I imagine myself in those settings. I can't really see, but my brain understands everything quickly enough so that i understand what I should see. I am still very attached to the real world, so i can hear what real me is hearing, and so forth. this also means that i can run away from my dreams.

I go back to 'sleep' after a few minutes.

I opened up my two cent flipphone, and found that there was a message by.. i forgot as a matter of fact. He said.. 'you're free'. And moments later, he said, 'Maybe..'.

God month still existed, and I really don't know what to do at this point, other than complain. Here's how the conversation went.

Me: How?
Hacker: Cables and cords.

Nice reference, Ben Drowned.

Morning time, time for school. so i started talking with other people if they experienced this too. No one apparently. they all just look at me wierdly.

I skipped time to after school, and That's when I woke up, and time for real life school.


When I was up in bed early, around 3:17, my phone was set on tts mode. i naturally turned in off, being impulsive. I then browsed facebook, Fimfiction, Fanfiction, all the regular stuff. I then dosed to sleep and the above happened.

Well~? Pretty wierd, but i assure you that all these events are completely real and in my dreams. What do you guys think?

and if you comment tl;dr just read the entire thing. creepy story.

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