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    Starting an overhaul of Spectral knight

    I've been stuck for years now, trying to continue this story, with ideas coming and going, dissatisfaction with my work, and a mix of real life problems and pure procrastination. So, I'm cancelling the original and starting from scratch, using the original as more of a guide. The first major change, is that I'll spend a bit more time fleshing out the pre-undeath adventure and the war with the

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    Official Colonial Registry

    Alright new home lovers, I'd like to ask you a few questions. First off, Any songs you want woven into the story? Secondly, would you (or your ponysona) like to be mentioned in the story? Or *Gasps* become a supporting character!? just follow the anti gary-stu rules. No Alicorns, or otherwise insanely powerful/completely irresistable beings. Just leave a comment and a little blurb about who

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Suggestion box, Character Q&A · 2:20am Aug 19th, 2015

whooee. new job got me tired, figured I'd do this before I went to bed. First off, anything you want to see in the story folks? and secondly, the characters have gathered for questions

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Comments ( 2 )

Personally I would like to see a relationship between the main character and one or both of the royal sisters. Otherwise this story is progressing just fine.

I would love to see someone get impaled high on a wall by a spear thrown through their chest!:pinkiecrazy:

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