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The return! · 11:43pm Aug 18th, 2015

So after quite some time, I was really considering the idea of cancelling The Shimmer of Magic. Why? You might wonder, and the reason is simple: I had no freaking idea how develop my ideas.

I was really excited of how I was going to end the fic (in probably 10 or so more chapters), but I didn't know how to put my ideas into words. And the more I thought about it, the more drepressed I felt.

Fortunately, today morning I was thinking on a very interesting video I watched a couple of days ago, and it made me think of this fic, and I started thinking: "Hm, that's actually a very good way to continue where I left..." And after a few hours of deep thinking, I decided to go at it!

So, expect next chapter of The Shimmer of Magic sometime within a month or so!

Also, while I'm pretty sure I got better at my writing skills, I still am in dire need of an editor. So even if I finish the chapter, I'll publish it until it has been edited!

That's all for today!

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Comments ( 5 )

This is coming back? Sweet.
You might want to try the editors group to ask for an editor? Your millage may vary. :twilightblush:

Good news, indeed.

Yaaaaaaaaay! Can't wait for the continuation! :pinkiehappy:

Edition and Proofreading:
Parchment Pen

Does this mean you found editors? :pinkiehappy: Or is this old? :ajsleepy:

3335936 Those are the first people that edited the fic.

I'll search for an editor when I'm about to finish next chapter. ^^


Thanks for the support ^^

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